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Medical Health Insurance And Air Evacuation While Living or Traveling In Mexico

Medical Insurance For Your Trip or Living In Mexico

Medical Insurance for travelers and expatriates in Mexico.

If you are traveling abroad, or an expat (expatriate) living in Mexico, you need special travel or expatriate health insurance. Medical insurance coverage and medical evacuation insurance needs to be written specifically for travelers or expats. Your in-country health insurance will not cover you, in most cases. To view policy choices, click here.

Medical Air Evacuation For You And Your Pets

Medical Air Evacuation (including for your pets).

SkyMed is not insurance, but provides medical air evacuation for people brings (air evacuates) your pets home. SkyMed services encompass the USA, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas. When but 100 miles from home, our members are protected

SkyMed is less expensive by a long shot than other air evac plans and includes evacuation for your pet. For us pet-owners, that's a big plus. Skymed is straightforward. Should a critical illness or injury occur while traveling, a SkyMed membership takes you home. If you're ill or injured, home -- or your hometown hospital--is where you and your family need to be. I've been around this field for more than twenty years. I've seen people get burned by so-called "evacuation" policies that don't deliver. Sometimes it's true that the best choice is a Mexican hospital in a big city. (See the book, Travel With Health to Mexico for hospital reviews), but you, and your doctor, should be able to choose. Skymed offers you that.

SkyMed's definition of home is simple: Home is where you say it is. When struck by the unexpected, our service takes you home.

Some companies try to imitate SkyMed, but have yet to duplicate SkyMed's services. The competition's fine print mentions where they will take you, and chances are, you'll already be in the closest appropriate hospital! By the time you can call from the hospital, our competition has little help to offer. That is the exact time that our benefits begin!



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