Fuel prices change once a month, between the 1st and the 8th on Saturday.

Whether this will be the same in 2015 is unsure. AMEGAS will publish the maximum amounts stations can charge, but gas stations will be free to charge less if they feel it will increase business. I suspect you will see the standard rate on the highways and fluctuating rates in cities.

This is updated one time a month, unless I get lazy.

Fuel prices are based on official PEMEX/AMEGAS rates in the interior of Mexico. Prices in border regions are significantly lower -  competitive with USA prices.  There are still 10 zones where gas prices vary (diesel is the same), in Baja and the MEX-USA border.

Exchange rate is based on official published bank rates the day of publishing. This very often DOES vary (usually higher) from the actual rate used by the public and will change daily.

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