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Driving Distances Or Route Mileage Calculator Between Mexican Cities

This tool is temporarily offline.

There are a lot of Mexico mileage or distance calculators on the web. This Mexican driving distance calculator is different. I not only give you the mileage or distance from town to town, but the drive times, driving directions and more. The basic driving information is free. Detailed driving directions and maps cost a few pesos. This is really a geeky tool. The technically un-savvy have a hard time using this mileage calculator. For you, I am available for a trip plan.

The link below will take you to a universal database with several features. Please note that the mileages and driving time are realistic, based on knowledge of the roads driven. Usually the toll road is considered, unless it is not worth the money.

There are many Mexican driving routes here. Search by starting city or region to find your driving mileage.

The mileage calculator will give you the distance between various Mexican cities in miles. It's a free tool, VERY simple, so it is not as slick as my maps or road logs. Not all cities have been loaded, and illogical choices, like Cancun to Monterrey will not show up or if they do, God knows what it will say. But for point to point routes like Reynosa to somewhere a day's drive or less, or Mexico City to Acapulco or Cancun to Merida etc. it works fine. Choose "Plan a Driving Trip." Type a starting or ending city in the search box and suggestions will magically appear below. Click the double caret ^ marker and you can search by all sorts of fields. "Routes" are most easy to understand, but hey, it's free - play with it.

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