Medical Air Evacuation For Expats, Tourists And Pets

Mexico Medical Air Evacuation Program

Pet owners - SkyMed brings your pets home too!

SkyMed provides medical air evacuation for people and pets. If you are a pet owner, that that means the world to you. If not, you should choose SkyMed because they are dependable and they cost less than other medical air evacuation program companies.

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SkyMed is not insurance. Some sites try to sell medical air evac programs by scaring you with tales of people who did not have their plan. Oh heck, I have a couple of stories like that here, too. They are not meant to scare you into purchasing SkyMed protection out of fear. The stories are here to educate. They are about people I actually know and who were veteran Mexico travelers. They should have known better. If you believe SkyMed would be a prudent investment, then buy it. But don't come from negativity. The odds are the you will never need medical air evacuation. You probably won't need auto insurance either. I hope sincerely you do not. I also hope, that if you do need air evacuation, that you have SkyMed.

I like SkyMed because they are reputable and dependable and brings (air evacuates) your pets home if you are medically evacuated from Mexico. SkyMed medical air evacuation plans encompass the USA, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas. When you are more than 100 miles from home, you are protected.

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For us pet-owners, our first concern is our furry friends, cats or dogs. I would be devastated if Misty my sort of a cocker spaniel/papillon was left behind, if I had to be evacuated from Mexico for a medical emergency. How about you?


A physician friend of ours flew to Cancun and had a car wreck near Chetumal. She did not have SkyMed (or any other air evacuation program) and knew she and her husband needed care the local hospital did not provide. She spent $20,000 to airlift them home. SkyMed is more than a few pesos less expensive than that! A friend of mine takes groups of motorcyclists to Mexico. One of them had an accident near Monterrey. Now Monterrey is a big city and has excellent, sophisticated care at world-class hospitals. But the biker had USA health insurance and even in Mexico, his care would have been very costly. He did not have SkyMed either. (I do have friends who think ahead, just in case you were wondering). His biker buddies got him him the 140 miles home for a mere $11,000. Again, a SkyMed plan is less expensive.

SkyMed is straightforward. Should a critical illness or injury occur while traveling, a SkyMed membership takes you home. If you're ill or injured, home -- or your hometown hospital--is where you and your family need to be. I've been around this field for more than twenty years. I've seen people get burned by so-called "evacuation" policies that don't deliver. Sometimes it's true that the best choice is a Mexican hospital, especially if you don't have insurance, but you, and your doctor, should be able to choose. And sometimes, as great as Mexican medical care is, you may need a specialist in your home country. SkyMed offers you that choice

Just as straightforward is their policy on people who travel to Mexico for medical care. They are not covered. This program is designed to help those who have accidents, not those who go for medical care and then don't want to wait around to convalesce. As you know, I like Mexican hospitals and doctors and recommend them. But I don't want anyone going for medical care and buying SkyMed from me.

SkyMed's definition of home is simple: Home is where you say it is. When struck by the unexpected, our service takes you home.

Some companies try to imitate SkyMed, but have yet to duplicate SkyMed's services. The competition's fine print mentions where they will take you, and chances are, you'll already be in the closest appropriate hospital! By the time you can call from the hospital, our competition has little help to offer. That is the exact time that our benefits begin!

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