Ocean Dental Cancun and Dra. Irma Gavaldon DDS

General and Restorative Dentistry by US-Trained Dentist

Dra. Irna Gavaldon DDSIn Cancun, Mexico Dra. Irma Gavaldon DDS, MS is a U.S. trained dentist, licensed to practice in Mexico, California and Michigan. Her dental clinic is Ocean Dental Cancun. Dr. Gavaldon offers the best of both worlds for your restorative dentistry and cosmetic dental needs. Dra. Gavaldon's credentials go far beyond the average dentist. Dra. Gavaldon has a masters degree in Restorative Dentistry from the University of Michigan, where she also worked as a clinical professor for 3rd year dental students. Dra. Gavaldon has the same caring attitude that the Mexican dentists I recommend are known for, combined with U.S. training and the most modern equipment.

Yet, Ocean Dental Cancun and Dra. Gavaldon still offer competitive rates with other dentists in Cancun. The price of your dental work done by Dr. Gavaldon at Ocean Dental Cancun will be about 70% less than the same dental work done in the United States. Plus, Dra. Gavaldon offers a 5 year guarantee on dental work! Though she looks much too young, Dra. Gavaldon has more than 30 years experience as a dentist.

ADM-Dental Assn of Mexico Cancun night Michigan Dental Univ.
Member of the American Dental Association , Mexican Dental Association Contact them at 1-800-278-3215 for more information about Cancun Graduate of the University of Michigan Dental School


In addition Dra. Gavaldon, Ocean Dental Clinic and Dr. Gavaldon has opened the first and most up to date dental cad/cam laboratory in all of Mexico. Among Cancun dentists, she is the most advanced. She can finish from simple fillings to full smile makeover in just one week without the risk of going home without teeth!

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