Prices for Dental Work in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Dental Procedure Price List

95% of the time, these prices for dental work will be correct. Rarely, you will need a little more or less work on your teeth or gums. These dentists at Universal Dental are up-front and honest and will discuss any difference with you before doing the work. If your mouth needs extra work, they will tell you. American dentists put a caveat to their pricing too. It is hard to say exactly what a medical procedure will cost. All a professional can do is to give you his or her best guess based on experience until he or she actually sees you.

For implants they use Straumann and MIS brands.

Please read the prices or use the calculator link below before you write me and ask what a procedure will cost. Almost all procedures are listed here.

If you need a same-day or next-day appointment, I do not do that. Allow 2 business days lead time.

I send you a map, address, phone and directions when I confirm your appointment

No appointments are made on Sundays. Payment at the dentist's office is by cash or personal check. No credit cards accepted.

If you got to this page before seeing who the doctors are, please click for the dentist's page.

If you have to wait for a crown or other work to get back from the lab, you don't have to make two trips. Stay in the Rio Grande Valley for a few days. Go to the beach (S. Padre Island), go fishing (Gulf of Mexico), play golf, go birding or butterfly-watching at the national birding and butterfly centers, watch a rocket launch at the Space-X launch pad near Brownsville or visit a wind-farm near Raymondville. There's stuff to do down here.

Here are some representative my Mexican dentist charges. If your procedure is not here, write me. But please look before you write and ask, "What does X cost?" Please remember that some things are not cut and dried and the dentist can only tell you what you need after seeing you.

Some people get confused by the choices. I put them there in the spirit of full disclosure. The short version is: most people have their work done in Mexican labs, which takes less time and is still quality work. But some people prefer the work be done in a US lab and that is why there is a choice. Most people get porcelain crowns, bridges etc. But some want other materials, so both are there.


Crowns & Bridges Per Tooth Prices

Porcelain --- $200
Metal-free / Zirconia-- $400
Metal -------- $175

Plus - 90% of people need - metal post $100 each

Crowns and dentures take 5-6 business days to make in Winter (December - March), if you use the Mexican lab (lower price). It's 12 business days for the USA lab. So if you need work that requires a lab, please plan on staying a week. A Monday appointment means your work will be ready the following Monday afternoon. If you don't have time to wait, consider coming back. Otherwise choose a summer appointment. Summer (April - November) 4-5 business days.


Bridges are generally made in units of 3 (can be 4 depending on which teeth). The price depends on which teeth are missing and the doctor has to see you to give a firm quote. Allow 7 working days in Winter, 4 working days in Summer. Porcelain - Same as crowns. Cost is per tooth.

Multiply the # of teeth you need by the price of crowns above.


Dentures: (allow 5 working days to get back from lab).

To get dentures, there are two ways of doing this. The first requires 2 appointments. You come in, doctor takes impressions. Sends them to lab. You go home with your existing teeth. In 3-7 days (depends on how time of year), you come back, doctor makes extractions (all teeth necessary), puts in denture. You could go home at this point with your new teeth.

However, the doctor prefers that you wait a couple of days and come back for adjustments (free) that probably will be needed. That would make 3 appointments and a couple more days in a hotel.

Many people don’t wait, and their dentures may fit fine. However, it is more likely that you will have to come back in a few weeks or months for a “reline.” There is a small charge for that (see list below).

The other way is to have the doctor make the impressions, pull all your teeth and you go home toothless. Impressions are sent to lab. You wait 2-3 weeks for mouth to heal. You come back for denture. It should fit better, but if not, doctor will be able to tell right away and adjust it. The main drawback to this is you are without teeth for a long time.

Denture (porcelain)-------- $400 – upper or lower   ($800 the set)  
Denture (resin) ------------- $350 - $700 Set
Denture (acrylic)------------ $250 - $500 Set
Partial metal frame -------- $395 - $790 Set    
Partial metal frame--------- $520 -  (porcelain teeth)
Partial (flexible Valplast)-   $500      
Valplast Partial (flexible) - $450      
Reline------------------------- $50  

General Dentistry

Mouthguard ----------- $100
Partial plates --------- $270
Surgery ---------------- $120 & up - (per tooth)
Whitening (UV) ------ $200 
Bleaching -------------- $200
Cleaning --------------- $25-$40 (depends on tartar)
(heavy smokers should expect to pay $65-$80)            
Fillings White -------- $40- $60 and up for white amalgam - (depends on size of cavity)
Bonding ---------------- Same as fillings above (use resin)
Metal ------------------- Same price as white fillings. Takes 3 days for lab work to come back. They do not use mercury
X-Rays ------------------- $10
Panoramic X-Ray -------- $50
Checkup -------------- N/C - Looking is free. If X-Rays are suggested, then you pay for them and any work that needs to be done. If all is A-OK, no charge.

They do not do Zoom whitening, as he considers this to be too harsh. There are plenty of other dentists who will do that if that is your desire, just not my guys.

Extraction - (depends on difficulty) ------- $40-$60
Wisdom tooth extraction surgery (depending on the difficulty) --- $80 and up. If difficult, surgery prices of $120 and up.

Write for an appointment.

Root Canals

Root canals - start at $200, (plus - probably needed) metal post $100. The price above is for a "standard" root canal. If your procedure is more difficult, if the roots are tangled etc. your price will be more, depending on how much time the doctor has to spend with you. That said, most people only pay $200, but I thought I would give you full disclosure.


Price and time depends on the type that is correct for your mouth. Cost ranges from $350 -$475, depending on the type. Most people get them from the local Mexican lab (7 working days), but if you prefer they can send them to a USA Lab. (in 12 working days). The cost will be quite a bit more, but they will have to tell you when you are there.

Veneer Types metal free (often called 'Porcelain' but it is a different material as seen below).
Zirconia $475
Alumina $375
Empress $300

Most importantly, he won't do any work that does not need to be done. That can't be said of all Mexican dentists - or American dentists for that matter. Write for an appointment.


The doctor has to check to see if you are likely to be a successful candidate. Not everyone should have implants and he will tell you straight out if it is a good idea. If you are still a smoker (or have quit fewer than 6 months ago), your likelihood for failure is too great for implants to be a good idea for you. Ditto if you are an diabetic whose diabetes is not under good control. Other than that, read on.

The brands they use are Straumann and MIS implants.

He will send you to another dentist’s office for a panoramic X-ray that costs about $50.

The entire procedure will take 4 visits. This can be done in 3 trips if you allow a few days for waiting.

You MAY need a bone graft (it all depends on your mouth). If so, the doctor will tell you at time of X-ray how many grams you need and the cost. The bone material costs $300 per gram. The doctor is adamant that there is no “average” cost because people’s needs vary so greatly. If you need a bone graft, you will also need a “membrane” that costs $400.


1st visit - The doctor examines your general dental health, sends you for panoramic X-Ray, which he studies to make sure you are capable of sustaining an implant. If extraction is necessary, he can do that the same day, or you can come back the next day.

2nd visit - You need to wait for the extraction to heal. This is usually 2-3 months. When healed, you come back and the doctor puts the implant (the hardware that holds the crown) into your jaw. If the implant is on one of your front teeth, he could attach a temporary crown (+- $50). If it is on a molar, you cannot get a crown. You will have a missing tooth until that heals. Healing generally takes about 6 months.

3rd visit - 6 months later. You have to allow time for the implant to bond with the bone and for healing. Come back, the dentist takes impressions for crowns. 

Instead of making another trip up and back here, see the paragraph near the top for things to do here in the Rio Grande Valley.

4th visit - 3-5 working days later - come back for crown to be attached.

Approximate total time start to finish: 9 months + 1 week.

Yay! You are done!

There are others who advertise cheaper implants. I know other dentists in Mexico who charge much more. Everyone is entitled to charge what they feel is appropriate. However, the "cheaper" guys usually do not include the price of the crown in their quotes, so make sure you are comparing apples to apples. These prices are what the doctor considers fair.

Implant prices (all prices are approximate, as individual mouths vary, but they are average).

$1,500 per tooth.

Extractions - $30 to $60 PER Tooth.

Panoramic X-Rays - $50.

If you have had extractions done already, please make sure your gums are healed. Only you will know when they feel right. If you come down and they are not healed, the doctor will not work on you.

Implant with dentures. You need 2 (one to anchor each end of the denture) per upper or lower. $1,000  + $800 for a plate ($1,800 to $2,000). Plus, $500-$600 for attachment for dentures.

For those with dentures, you will need 2 implants to anchor them on lower and 2 on upper. The implant itself costs about $1,000 for each implant. Then there is a cost of about $800 for a connector to attach each implant to the denture.

The denture you get first is the one you walk home with. You could get resin, but it is soft and you will need another in a few years. The porcelain lasts longest, but it is too heavy for the implants, so acrylic is the best choice. If the denture needs to be relined or remade when you return for the implant, there is no additional charge.  

The items below are variables. You may not need or want them, but if you do, their prices should be added to the prices above. Got it? When you see the dentist, you can find out if they are necessary or a good idea.

Plate $500 (also called an over-denture)

Valplast $450 flexible.  5 days.

Valplast is metal free thermal material. The drawback to it is that if the bone changes nothing can be glued on it. But if patient asks for one he can do it. The patient has to have a very healthy mouth.