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Prices for Dental Work in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Dental Procedure Price List

Below are prices for general dentistry work done at Universal Dental. Clinic.

Crowns & Bridges Per Tooth Prices

Porcelain --- $200
Metal-free / Zirconia-- $400
Metal -------- $175

Plus - 90% of people need - metal post $100 each

Crowns and dentures take 5-6 business days to make in Winter (December - March), if you use the Mexican lab (lower price). It's 12 business days for the USA lab. So if you need work that requires a lab, please plan on staying a week. A Monday appointment means your work will be ready the following Monday afternoon. If you don't have time to wait, consider coming back. Otherwise choose a summer appointment. Summer (April - November) 4-5 business days.


Bridges are generally made in units of 3 (can be 4 depending on which teeth). The price depends on which teeth are missing and the doctor has to see you to give a firm quote. Allow 7 working days in Winter, 4 working days in Summer. Porcelain - Same as crowns. Cost is per tooth.

Multiply the # of teeth you need by the price of crowns above.


Dentures: (allow 5 working days to get back from lab).

To get dentures, there are two ways of doing this. The first requires 2 appointments. You come in, doctor takes impressions. Sends them to lab. You go home with your existing teeth. In 3-7 days (depends on how time of year), you come back, doctor makes extractions (all teeth necessary), puts in denture. You could go home at this point with your new teeth.

However, the doctor prefers that you wait a couple of days and come back for adjustments (free) that probably will be needed. That would make 3 appointments and a couple more days in a hotel.

Many people don’t wait, and their dentures may fit fine. However, it is more likely that you will have to come back in a few weeks or months for a “reline.” There is a small charge for that (see list below).

The other way is to have the doctor make the impressions, pull all your teeth and you go home toothless. Impressions are sent to lab. You wait 2-3 weeks for mouth to heal. You come back for denture. It should fit better, but if not, doctor will be able to tell right away and adjust it. The main drawback to this is you are without teeth for a long time.

Denture (porcelain)---------- $400 – upper or lower   ($800 the set)  
Denture (resin) ------------- $375 - $750 Set
Denture (acrylic)------------ $275 - $550 Set

Partial metal frame --------- $450 - $900 Set    
Partial (flexible Valplast)----- $550 - $1,100 Set      
Reline--------------------- $50  

General Dentistry

Mouthguard ------------- $100
Partial plates ------------ $270
Surgery ----------------- $120 & up - (per tooth)
Whitening (UV) ---------- $200 
Bleaching -------------- $200
Cleaning --------------- $25-$40 (depends on tartar)
(heavy smokers should expect to pay $65-$80)            
Fillings White -------- $40- $60 and up for white amalgam - (depends on size of cavity)
Bonding ---------------- Same as fillings above (use resin)
Metal ------------------ Same price as white fillings. Takes 3 days for lab work to come back. They do not use mercury
X-Rays ------------------- $10
Panoramic X-Ray ---------- $50
Checkup -------------- N/C - Looking is free. If X-Rays are suggested, then you pay for them and any work that needs to be done. If all is A-OK, no charge.

They do not do Zoom whitening, as he considers this to be too harsh. There are plenty of other dentists who will do that if that is your desire, just not my guys.

Extraction - (depends on difficulty) ------- $40-$60
Wisdom tooth extraction surgery (depending on the difficulty) --- $80 and up. If difficult, surgery prices of $120 and up.

Write for an appointment.

Root Canals

Root canals - start at $200, (plus - probably needed) a metal post, which adds $100. The price above is for a "standard" root canal. If your procedure is more difficult, if the roots are tangled etc. your price will be more, depending on how much time the doctor has to spend with you. That said, most people only pay between $200 and $300 (root canal + metal post), but I thought I would give you full disclosure.


Price and time depends on the type that is correct for your mouth. Cost ranges from $350 -$475, depending on the type. Most people get them from the local Mexican lab (7 working days), but if you prefer they can send them to a USA Lab. (in 12 working days). The cost will be quite a bit more, but they will have to tell you when you are there.

Veneer Types metal free (often called 'Porcelain' but it is a different material as seen below).
Zirconia $475
Alumina $375
Empress $300

Most importantly, he won't do any work that does not need to be done. That can't be said of all Mexican dentists - or American dentists for that matter. Write for an appointment.