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Long Distance Calls To and From Mexico

How To Call Mexico From Mexico and From USA. How To Get A Mexican Cell Phone

Cell Phones In Mexico

On August 3, 2019, all the complicated rules about calling Mexico became obsolete. Now you dial as you would in the USA or Canada. Everywhere has 10 digit numbers. You can still dial the old way for exactly one year. To call Mexico (cell or landline) you now just dial the 10 digit number in Mexico. From the USA or Canada you dial 011-52-the 10 digit number.

The three major cities have a two digit code for local calls.

Many US cell phone companies now offer a Mexico calling plan. However, double-check the fine print. I think a better alternative for a traveler is to buy an 'unlocked' phone. Then get a sim card and a no-contract monthly plan from whoever offers a decent deal for use in-country. Or you can get a throw-away phone from a phone store in Mexico.


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USA or International Phone Options

You can probably call home with your US carrier. Just check for a plan that has good rates calling FROM Mexico. Lots have good rates TO Mexico, but put you on roaming while in-country. Believe me, that can be an expensive surprise.

Unlocked Phones

If you don't have an unlocked smart phone go to Amazon and get one. The link below is just the starting point.

If you have an unlocked phone or a GSM or if you want to buy or rent an international phone, you can get a phone or a SIM card. I should warn you to be leery of really cheap deals and be sure to read the fine print. Some of the SIM cards sold on Amazon have some real "gotchas."

You can get a Mexican cell phone while traveling, though you are better off ordering a SIM card for your unlocked cell phone before leaving. You can call a USA based toll-free number from Mexico, but it is confusing. All is explained below. You can get a home phone in Mexico today much easier than a few years ago.

If you have an unlocked phone you use in your home country, you can get a SIM card to use the same phone in Mexico. That is the most economical and least hassle method. Better yet, get a dual sim phone so you can keep your USA # and have a Mexico # too!

Because high-speed Internet is almost everywhere in Mexico today, so is VOIP telephone service. Cell phone service in Mexico is good and almost reasonably-priced. Long distance calling to Mexico or from Mexico is cheaper, using Skype or calling cards.

Get a Mexican Cell Phone

Subject to change, you can once again get a cheap phone from an OXXO (convenience store), Wal-Mart and various phone company kiosks everywhere. There was a time when it was impossible for a tourist to get a cell phone.