Aa2020 [57]

N. Pacific
M-W-Th-F - 6:30 PM OPEN meetings - La Mision.
Saturday 10:00 AM open beach meeting. Directly in front of Hotel Hacienda under palapa.
Sunday 10:00 am open meeting La Mision.
CLOSED MEETINGS. Mon 10:00 AM (Womens), Friday Noon (Mens).
NA - Tuesday 6:30 La Mision
(Did not get update 11/1 so not sure this is still correct). Alanon Thursday 10:00 AM La Mision, Zona Dorada (Same location as AA meetings)
306 Cameron Ave. in La Mision Strip Mall - local (suite) #7, - a tan 1 story building. #7 is the last door on left (last house on the block?).

Cross streets are Paseo Lomas de Mazatlan and Sierra de Venados. You can walk there from most places in the Zona Dorada. All buses that go to Zona Dorada pass right by us.

To all....Google maps has our location wrong. We are on Camaron Sabalo almost exactly where Sierra de Venados joins it. The location of some hotels are also incorrect.

Look for La Mision arch directly across the street from Wings Army.

If you need bigger landmarks to find the meeting, its a about halfway between Burger King and Oxxo on Camaron Sabalo.

The closed meetings "Centro" are at the Melville Hotel, #99 Calle Constitution, Centro Historico

Phones: Trent.....985-5722........044-669-106-4218

This is the schedule Nov-March. During the summer the continuing meeting list is on the door. Thanks to "Anonymous" for the most recent update. Updated this from their blog. They are supposed to have a real web site soon at www.aamazatlan.com.

All meetings except the beach meeting are at Camaron Sabalo.

Meeting is an easy walk from the Costa de Oro. When you come out the from door go right. 3 blocks just past Panama Restaurant and Oxxo store. Same side of the street as the hotel. Look for the gated arch shown on this site. We are a small/informal group.

Local (#7) 306 Cameron Ave. in La Mision Strip Mall
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