{"success":true,"textCont":"Phones: Trent.....985-5722........044-669-106-4218<br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\nThis is the schedule Nov-March. During the summer the continuing meeting list is on the door. Thanks to &quot;Anonymous&quot; for the most recent update. Updated this from their blog. They are supposed to have a real web site soon at www.aamazatlan.com. <br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\nAll meetings except the beach meeting are at Camaron Sabalo.<br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\nMeeting is an easy walk from the Costa de Oro. When you come out the from door go right. 3 blocks just past Panama Restaurant and Oxxo store. Same side of the street as the hotel. Look for the gated arch shown on this site. We are a small\/informal group. <br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\n"}