{"success":true,"textCont":"306 Cameron Ave. in La Mision Strip Mall - local (suite) #7, - a tan 1 story building. #7 is the last door on left (last house on the block?). <br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\nCross streets are Paseo Lomas de Mazatlan and Sierra de Venados. You can walk there from most places in the Zona Dorada. All buses that go to Zona Dorada pass right by us.<br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\nTo all....Google maps has our location wrong. We are on Camaron Sabalo almost exactly where Sierra de Venados joins it. The location of some hotels are also incorrect. <br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\nLook for La Mision arch directly across the street from Wings Army.<br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\nIf you need bigger landmarks to find the meeting, its a about halfway between Burger King and Oxxo on Camaron Sabalo. <br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\nThe closed meetings &quot;Centro&quot; are at the Melville Hotel, #99 Calle Constitution, Centro Historico<br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\n"}