City State Abr Region Updated Description Meeting1 Meeting2 Meeting3 Meeting4 Meeting5 Group Name Directions Comments Address Picture Picture2 Website Map  
Rosarito BC Baja Norte 8/1/2014 Sun 10 AM Bday & Disc. Mon. 10 AM Step Study Tues. 6 PM - Disc. Wed. 10 AM - Womens Closed Wed. 6 PM Disc. open to all Thurs. 10 AM Big Book Grupo Gringo These are open meetings for AA and the meeting room is 2 blocks east of Las Bris ... Our group is English speaking and just celebrated 41 years in Rosarito.
For inf ...
Buena Vista East Cape BCS Baja Sur 3/5/2016 Buenavista-Hotel Rancho Buena Vista Sunday - 4:00 PM Wednesday - 4:00 PM Buenavista-Hotel Rancho Buena Vista  
Cabo San Lucas BCS Baja Sur 3/5/2016 Daily 6 PM AA - M-F 4:30-5:30 PM Men's Stag - 7:30-8:30 PM Women's - Saturday 4:30-5:30 PM Hacienda Group AA - Hacienda Group
Above the Ace Hardware Store, cross-corner from McDonald’s ...
Doug 011-521-624-147-5516

no meetings, but welcome at AA meetings
Camino Viejo a San Jose  
La Paz BCS Baja Sur 3/5/2016 Monday - 9:30 AM All meetungs are open. Wednesday - 9:30 AM - Open Friday - 9:30 AM - Open Alanon - (info is old, so please help me update if you go) English Al-Anon meet ... All meetings held at:

Crossroads Christian Fellowship. 3124 Abasolo. On call ...
Phone for directions: 612-168-4088 (Frank) or
612-129-3293 (Leo)
3124 Abasolo. On calle Abasolo between Sonora and Sinoloa  
Loreto BCS Baja Sur 3/5/2016 Monday 6:00 PM Wednesday 6:00 PM Friday 6:00 PM Last heard of at: Loreto Bay Racquet Club in Nopolo, just south of Loreto Loreto Bay Racquet Club in Nopolo  
Los Barriles BCS Baja Sur 3/5/2016 AA in Los Barriles (East Cape area) Tuesday 8:30 AM Friday 8:30 AM Alanon: Monday 10 a.m Hotel Rancho Buena Vista Alanon: Thursday 12 noon Hotel Las Palmas, patio outside of Tico's restaurant. Hotel Rancho Buena Vista Phone: 142-8061 or 626-755-4656 US# (Jennifer B.)
624-110-0187 (James)

Not ...
Hotel Rancho Buena Vista  
Mulege BCS Baja Sur 3/5/2016 Palapa Church Friday 3:00-4:00 PM In the Sapa water building across from Dannys Tacos just past the new hospital.  
Pescadero BCS Baja Sur 3/5/2016 Baja Beans Coffee Shop Wednesday 5-6 PM Baja Beans Coffee Shop Phone: 612-157-1256 (Don)  
San Jose del Cabo BCS Baja Sur 3/5/2016 AA - Daily-6 PM Alanon Wednesday 4:45 PM? Not updated. NE Corner of Santos Degollado & M. Juarez Streets. Bottom floor of white buildin ... AA - Phone: 011-521-624-147-0478 Jim


Al-Anon- San Jose del Cabo: ( ...
Degollado & M. Juarez Streets  
Todos Santos BCS Baja Sur 11/25/2016 Blue building across from White Sands Spa Monday 5:00 PM Tuesday 5:00 PM Wednesday 11:00 AM Thursday 5:00 PM Friday 5:00 PM AA meetings are now located upstairs in the Blue building across from White Sand ... Contacts: Eric 612-156-9980 ? Eric, 612-156-9980 Next to Ejido Bldg.  
Belize - All Z-BZ Belize 2/5/2016 See their website for all meetings.  
San Ignacio Cayo Z-BZ Belize 2/5/2016 Saturdays at 11:00 am Sacred Heart Church (English), San Ignacio,Town Their contact # is 665-0405

The website has all of Belize meetings.
Sacred Heart Church (English), San Ignacio,Town  
Mexico City DF Colonial 0/25/2016 Go to their website for maps and directions. See notes about holidays. Also chec ... Sunday 5:00 PM - NomAAds Group - not verified 2016 Monday 7:45 - 8:45 PM - Union Church Group Wednesday 7:45 - 8:45PM - Union Church Friday 7:45 PM - 8:45- Union Church Tuesday 7:30 PM - South of the City Group - not verified 2016 NOMADDS Group
249 B Colima (between Insurgentes and Tonala)
Colonia Roma
Dire ...
Latest update based on report from traveler for NomAAds and Union Church Groups  ... 249-B Colima Col. Roma Image from DB http://www.  
Guanajuato GTO Colonial 1/25/2016 Tuesday - 5:00 PM. Location changes so contact a member below for address. AA & Other 12 Step Support in English. Contact any of us to arrange a meeting or ... AA & Other 12 Step Support in English. Contact any of us to arrange an additiona ... Variable  
San Miguel de Allende GTO Colonial 5/4/2016 Most meetings are held at 20 de Enero Norte # 110, Col. San Antonio. For NA, ACA ... Monday-09:00 AM OPEN Daily Reflections 12 noon CLOSED 12 X 12 TUESDAY 12 noon CLOSED Topic Discussion 06:30 PM OPEN Speaker/Discussion WEDNESDAY 12 noon CLOSED Big Book THURSDAY 12 noon CLOSED Rule 62 06:30 PM OPEN Step Study FRIDAY 12 noon CLOSED Topic Discussion 05:00 PM CLOSED Topic Discussion Thanks to Larry M for this info.
20 de Enero Norte 110E, Col. San Antonio NONE  
Guadalajara JAL Colonial 5/21/2016 Thanks to Stan for updating the info. M-Tu-W-F 6:00 PM - Friends of Bill W Sun-11:00 - Friends of Bill W. The Friends of Bill W. AA Group moved to the American Society facility, located  ... Overall contact info for all meetings:

Please contact: Franklyn: 333-686-533 ...
Av. San Francisco 3332, Colonia Chapilita, Zapopan (Guadalajara neighborhood)  
Lake Chapala JAL Colonial 8/22/2013 Includes Ajijic and all Lakeside area. For AA - there are so many meetings here  ... Al-Anon - Ajijic - Saturday Discussion meeting, 10am, Club 12, Marcos Castellaño ... ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS & DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES (ACA) - SAT, 11:30 Danny's ... MON 9 AM - Men's Al-Anon - Club 12, Marcos Castellaños, 51A, Ajijic, Jalisco. MON. - 10:30 am, Al-Anon - Open to all, Paths to Recovery Meeting, Center for C ... For info about Al-Anon: Lena 376-106-1199 or Katy 376-766-4409. Email ES at Sug ...  
Cuernavaca MOR Colonial 2/17/2011 I got this confirmed by an email and a new resident in Cuernavaca. On Call See comments The English AA meeing in Cuernavaca, Morelos didn't grow enough for us to be abl ...  
Mazatlan SIN N. Pacific 1/25/2016 M-W-Th-F - 6:30 PM OPEN meetings - La Mision. Saturday 10:00 AM open beach meeting. Directly in front of Hotel Hacienda under  ... Sunday 10:00 am open meeting La Mision. CLOSED MEETINGS. Mon 10:00 AM (Womens), Friday Noon (Mens). NA - Tuesday 6:30 La Mision 306 Cameron Ave. in La Mision Strip Mall - local (suite) #7, - a tan 1 story bui ... Phones: Trent.....985-5722........044-669-106-4218

This is the schedule Nov- ...
Local (#7) 306 Cameron Ave. in La Mision Strip Mall Image from DB
Alamos Son N. Pacific 1/29/2013 Open AA: Tuesday 11:00 AM & Friday 11:00 AM - Hacienda de los Santos - Calle Mol ... Wed. 11:00 Women only Big Book Study - Calle Sonora #16 - NOTE: Sonora #16 until ... Alanon - Th. 6:00 PM. Hotel Colonial Thanks to Steve for the updates.  
Hermosillo SON N. Pacific 5/27/2009 ?? Sunday 6:30 PM Really old info Between Reyes and Naranjo, Col. San Benito Hi Mike, We have started a new open English speaking Al-Anon meeting in Hermosil ... Avenida Fronteras 116, between Reyes and Naranjo, Col. San Benito  
Kino Bay SON N. Pacific 5/27/2016 Sunday - 2PM - October-May only Club Deportivo upstairs There are 2 contacts: Anne S local phone 662-242-0382
and Tom V 662-242-0302 o ...
Pto. Penasco SON N. Pacific 12/5/2013 Monday 10:00 AM Wednesday 10:00 AM Thursday 10:00 AM Friday 10:00 AM Saturday 9:30 AM - Candy Cake Cafe Rooftop, Malecon Old Port MWTF-Sun Meetings: Passport Club on Campeche

Sat meeting: Calle Campeche next ...
Check The Rocky Point Times in case there are any changes or additions. Calle Campeche next to Galindos Cafe  
San Carlos SON N. Pacific 12/2/2016 Open AA: Sunday 5:30 PM Open AA: Wednesday 5:30 PM The meeting is in the Grupo Tetakawi (Spanish AA Group) location in the San Carl ... I found this to be a great meeting, personally.  
Monterrey NL Northeast 10/19/2016 Monterrey now has regular meetings at Fuentes Del Valle group. Tuesday 5-6 PM Thursday 5-6 PM Fuentes Del Valle Group Fuentes del Valle English Meeting is in a suburb of Monterrey - San Pedro Garza  ... Alvaro at (01152) 1-818-029-4332
Nancy L. email: overseasnancy AT PH: ...
Valeria #100, San Pedro Garza Garcia  
Oaxaca OAX Oaxaca 1/25/2016 Meeting days and times have not changed in years. However, if there are any chan ... Monday 7:00 PM Thursday 7:00 PM Saturday 1:00 PM Address is Colon #518. Corner of Manuel Doblado y M. Colon. This is in the Centr ... "I found the meetings. They are at "La Vina" AA fellowship, corner of Manuel Dob ... Colon #518 - corner of Manuel Doblado and Colon,  
Manzanillo COL S. Pacific 12/5/2013 Tuesday 10:00 AM Friday 10:00 AM Mike the meeting place in Manzanillo has changed to Calle Reforma # 14 Altos San ... Contact bennymcc05 AT - Phone: 314-333-3043
36 Miguel Hidalgo,Santiago, Manzanillo  
Barra de Navidad JAL S. Pacific 1/26/2016 See Melaque. Melaque / San Patrico / Barra de Navidad are very close together, s ...  
Melaque / San Patricio Jal S. Pacific 3/12/2015 Melaque / San Patrico / Barra de Navidad are very close together, so only one li ... Sunday 5:00 PM Wednesday 5:00 PM Directions: 5 blocks south of Hwy 200 on Reforma (new Pemex) and Alberto Masias, ... Map at  
Pto. Vallarta JAL S. Pacific 7/10/2012 Vallarta is into the digital age and there is a web site for the whole Banderas  ... Image from DB  
Nuevo Vallarta NAY S. Pacific 1/26/2016 Monday 6:00 PM Wednesday 6:00 PM Friday 6:00 PM Thursday AND Thursday 6:00 PM - Men's Meeting Paradise Village Plaza
Room L15 Second Floor
We have an AA group in English in Nuevo Vallarta that runs 3 days a week year ro ...  
San Blas NAY S. Pacific 1/8/2014 I was there in Nov. 2013. Meetings now at location below. Tuesday 5:00 PM Thursday 10:00 PM Saturday 10:00 AM New meeting place is near square. If facing church in front of you, turn around. ... If you prefer to call someone, call Ken on his land line at 323-231-2215.  
Sayulita NAY S. Pacific 12/5/2013 All meetings are open Tues - 5:30 PM (All Year) Thurs - 5:30 PM (All Year) Sat - 5:30 PM (All Year) Alanon Wed - 5:00 PM (High Season Only) Sayulita AA Calle Primavera #11
Sayulita, Nayarit
Contact: Heather heatherinsayulita@hotma ...
Huatulco OAX S. Pacific 9/26/2016 Wed. 7:00 PM at Remax Plaza. Contact Randy at rclearwater at Wednesday at 7:00 PM Remax Plaza on Chahue Blvd. Contact Randy at rclearwater at Remax Plaza, Chahue Blvd.  
Pto. Escondido OAX S. Pacific 2/14/2010 I was in Puerto in Nov. 2010 and could not reach Dan, so that info may be wrong. ... ?? Tuesday 6:00 PM ?? Thursday 6:00 PM ?? Alanon Saturday 4:30 PM ?? Saturday 6:00 PM El Cafecito restaurant in Carrizillo I am leaving this up in case things have not changed, but I sincerely hope someo ... El Cafecito restaurant in Carrizillo  
Acapulco QRO S. Pacific 1/25/2016 Monday 4:45 PM Friday 4:45 PM See Map Thanks to a member for the update. Commandante Carrion #13 - Fracc. Costa Azul C.P. 39800 Image from DB Image from DB  
Cancun QTR Yucatan 5/1/2016 Meeting location has been the same for years. The official AA web site is http:/ ... AA - Every Day 8:00 - 9:00 AM and 6:15 - 7:15 PMSunday 6:15-7:15 PM (entrance vi ... Alanon - Tuesday 4:30 - 5:30 PM Contacts 044 998 141-7040 044-998-170-3261. Shel ... Alanon - Thursday 4:30 - 5:30 PM It will take about half an hour to an hour from the Hotel Zone to get there. Tak ... For information cell: 044 (998) 845-0651 and 044 (998) 845-6226 (Numbers not upd ... Plaza Nader (the plaza formerly known as "Plaza Centro), Av. Nader, room 418 (2n ...  
Cozumel QTR Yucatan 2/1/2016 For all info please see their web site.  
Isla Mujeres QTR Yucatan 1/22/2011 Tuesday 6:30 PM Friday 6:30 PM Saturday 6:30 PM The meeting room is next to the church in town. The blue and white AA triangle i ... Next to church in town  
Playa del Carmen QTR Yucatan 2/16/2011 Monday - Friday 12 noon Open Every Day 5:30 PM Open Thursday 7:00 PM Closed Playa's streets actually make sense and are easy to follow. La Quinta (5th Avenu ... Calle 4 y Avenida 25 Image from DB Image from DB  
City State Abr Region Updated Description Meeting1 Meeting2 Meeting3 Meeting4 Meeting5 Group Name Directions Comments Address Picture Picture2 Website Map  
Pto. Morelos QTR Yucatan 3/2/2015 Monday 9:00 AM Casa de la Cultura Friday 9:00 AM Casa de la Cultura Casa de la Cultura is well-known. Just ask someone. Thanks to Jim.  
Merida YUC Yucatan 1/25/2016 I verified this with Yucatan Living web site for the main meeting. The other mee ... AA Discussion - Thursday 7:00 PM AA Step Meeting - Tuesday - 5:30 PM Alanon - Thursday 5:30 PM ?? Not verified for 2016 so please someone let me know ... We have an English-speaking meeting every Thurs.night at 7:00 P.M. at the Englis ... Merida English Library, Calle 53 #524 between 66 y 68,+Barrio+de+Santiago,+Centro,+9700 ...