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QTR Yucatan Cancun 10/12/2017 Meeting location has been the same for years. The official AA web site is http:/ ... AA - Every Day 8:00 - 9:00 AM and 6:15 - 7:15 PMSunday 6:15-7:15 PM (entrance vi ... Alanon - Tuesday 4:30 - 5:30 PM Contacts Linda - 998 134-6503 Shelly - 998-170-3 ... Alanon - Thursday 4:30 - 5:30 PM It will take about half an hour to an hour from the Hotel Zone to get there. Tak ... For information cell:¬†044 (998) 845-0651 and 044 (998) 845-6226.

During the w ...
Plaza Nader (the plaza formerly known as "Plaza Centro), Av. Nader, room 418 (2n ...  
QTR Yucatan Cozumel 2/1/2016 For all info please see their web site.  
QTR Yucatan Isla Mujeres 1/22/2011 Tuesday 6:30 PM Friday 6:30 PM Saturday 6:30 PM The meeting room is next to the church in town. The blue and white AA triangle i ... Next to church in town  
YUC Yucatan Merida 1/25/2016 I verified this with Yucatan Living web site for the main meeting. The other mee ... AA Discussion - Thursday 7:00 PM AA Step Meeting - Tuesday - 5:30 PM Alanon - Thursday 5:30 PM ?? Not verified for 2016 so please someone let me know ... We have an English-speaking meeting every Thurs.night at 7:00 P.M. at the Englis ... Merida English Library, Calle 53 #524 between 66 y 68,+Barrio+de+Santiago,+Centro,+9700 ...  
QTR Yucatan Playa del Carmen 1/6/2018 Monday - Friday 12 noon Open Every Day 5:30 PM Open Thursday 7:00 PM Closed Playa's streets actually make sense and are easy to follow. La Quinta (5th Avenu ... Our meeting location is now on the west side of 45th Avenue between Juarez and C ...  
QTR Yucatan Pto. Morelos 3/2/2015 Monday 9:00 AM Casa de la Cultura Friday 9:00 AM Casa de la Cultura Casa de la Cultura is well-known. Just ask someone. Thanks to Jim.  
QTR Yucatan Puerto Aventuras 8/26/2017 Group has been going since 2007. All meetings are open. Thanks to Jay for the in ... Tuesday 5:30 PM Thursday 6:00 PM Saturday Noon It's a gated community and the guards give directions. there is only one school  ... At the school in the library.  
QRO S. Pacific Acapulco 1/25/2016 Monday 4:45 PM Friday 4:45 PM See Map Thanks to a member for the update. Commandante Carrion #13 - Fracc. Costa Azul C.P. 39800  
JAL S. Pacific Barra de Navidad 2/16/2018 See Melaque. Melaque / San Patrico / Barra de Navidad are very close together, s ... Alanon - Tues. 4pm - Dec. to April -
Cornerstone Language School,
Calle Costa  ...
OAX S. Pacific Huatulco 9/26/2016 Wed. 7:00 PM at Remax Plaza. Contact Randy at rclearwater at Wednesday at 7:00 PM Remax Plaza on Chahue Blvd. Contact Randy at rclearwater at Remax Plaza, Chahue Blvd.  
COL S. Pacific Manzanillo 12/5/2013 Tuesday 10:00 AM Friday 10:00 AM Mike the meeting place in Manzanillo has changed to Calle Reforma # 14 Altos San ... Contact bennymcc05 AT - Phone: 314-333-3043
36 Miguel Hidalgo,Santiago, Manzanillo  
Jal S. Pacific Melaque / San Patricio 3/12/2015 Melaque / San Patrico / Barra de Navidad are very close together, so only one li ... Sunday 5:00 PM Wednesday 5:00 PM ALANON - Barra - Tues. 4pm - Dec. - April -
Cornerstone Language School,
Calle ...
Directions: 5 blocks south of Hwy 200 on Reforma (new Pemex) and Alberto Masias, ... Map at  
NAY S. Pacific Nuevo Vallarta 1/26/2016 Monday 6:00 PM Wednesday 6:00 PM Friday 6:00 PM Thursday AND Thursday 6:00 PM - Men's Meeting Paradise Village Plaza
Room L15 Second Floor
We have an AA group in English in Nuevo Vallarta that runs 3 days a week year ro ...  
OAX S. Pacific Pto. Escondido 1/13/2018 Thanks to David for updating this info. Tuesday 6:00 PM Thursday 6:00 PM Alanon Saturday 4:30 PM Saturday 6:00 PM Dan's Cafe at Hotel Casa Dan
Calle Jacarandas #14
Puerto Escondido
Phone: 95 ...
There is a great group of regulars that meet every year and we have big A.A. Bir ... El Cafecito restaurant¬†in Carrizillo  
JAL S. Pacific Pto. Vallarta 7/10/2012 Vallarta is into the digital age and there is a web site for the whole Banderas  ...  
NAY S. Pacific San Blas 1/8/2014 I was there in Nov. 2013. Meetings now at location below. Tuesday 5:00 PM Thursday 10:00 PM Saturday 10:00 AM New meeting place is near square. If facing church in front of you, turn around. ... If you prefer to call someone, call Ken on his land line at 323-231-2215.  
NAY S. Pacific Sayulita 12/5/2013 All meetings are open Tues - 5:30 PM (All Year) Thurs - 5:30 PM (All Year) Sat - 5:30 PM (All Year) Alanon Wed - 5:00 PM (High Season Only) Calle Primavera #11
Sayulita, Nayarit
Contact: Heather heatherinsayulita@hotma ...
OAX Oaxaca Oaxaca 3/20/2018 If there are any changes, you will find them in The Oaxaca Times Newspaper or at ... Monday 7:00 PM Thursday 7:00-8:00 PM Saturday 9:00-10:00 AM Friday - Women's Open. 12 Step. Rayon 303 B (just east of Fiallo) in Centro. Thanks to VJ for the update. Rayon 303 B (just east of Fiallo) in Centro.  
NL Northeast Monterrey 10/19/2016 Monterrey now has regular meetings at Fuentes Del Valle group. Tuesday 5-6 PM Thursday 5-6 PM Fuentes del Valle English Meeting is in a suburb of Monterrey - San Pedro Garza  ... Alvaro at (01152) 1-818-029-4332
Nancy L. email: overseasnancy AT PH: ...
Valeria #100, San Pedro Garza Garcia  
Son N. Pacific Alamos 1/29/2013 Open AA: Tuesday 11:00 AM & Friday 11:00 AM - Hacienda de los Santos - Calle Mol ... Wed. 11:00 Women only Big Book Study - Calle Sonora #16 - NOTE: Sonora #16 until ... Alanon - Th. 6:00 PM. Hotel Colonial Thanks to Steve for the updates.