Pueblos Mágicos – or Are They?

There are 111 official Pueblos Mágicos (Magic Towns) in Mexico – or 120 – or 106 – or somewhere in-between, depending on when you read this. I’ll stop there as my rudimentary math skills give rudimentary a bad name. Magic towns are like rabbits in a magic hat – now you see ‘em, now you … Read morePueblos Mágicos – or Are They?

Me Strong Like Bull. Me Photographer.

They Aren’t Pictures – They Are Symphonies While plodding through cataloging and culling images in Lightroom, every once in a while magic reaches out from the screen and grabs me by the heart. It’s sweet agony, feeling the emotions flood around me, wraiths and angels dancing like mayflies around my head. Invariably, I remember the … Read moreMe Strong Like Bull. Me Photographer.

Day of Dead Alternative Towns

Day of Dead Celebrations in Alternatives To Well-known Destinations Most of us know about the Día de los Muertos festivities in Mexico. Just in case any readers are still trying to crawl out of the 60’s (the decade, not their age), this is not a “Deadhead” gathering of  fans of the Grateful Dead. The festivities … Read moreDay of Dead Alternative Towns

Open road

What Does “On The Road” Mean To You?

Getting back on the road soon. Mentally preparing. “On the road,” the hackneyed phrase that describes a state of mind means something different to everyone. If your freedom carrier has two wheels, it’s that feeling of oneness with the road below and the wind around as you bend into each turn and sway with the … Read moreWhat Does “On The Road” Mean To You?

I Fought The Cascada And Cusare Won – Falling at the Falls, Part 2.

A stumble may prevent a fall – Thomas Fuller My rescue attempt ended badly. The winter sun shone weakly. A chill wind bit my exposed arms. I was wedged between two grey-white boulders limbs akimbo, my butt in a freezing stream, one leg thrust to the sky like a flagpole, the other askew under me, … Read moreI Fought The Cascada And Cusare Won – Falling at the Falls, Part 2.