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Don't forget Auto/RV/Motorcycle Insurance

Romantic getaway or bucket list. Find both in waterfall's mist.

Tamul waterfall young and old

Travel health / air evac insurance might be prudent. Just sayin'.

RV Campers Guide to Mexico

Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping  Was a Great Book

This encyclopedic collection of RV Parks in Mexico was the Bible for Rv'ers to Mexico for years. However it's been many years since it was updated and the information is dated or incorrect in today's world. Just like my old books, there are some gems in them, but you should not depend on them for accurate information. To my knowledge, there is nothing to take its place.

I have every RV park in my roadlogs and directions to get to them when necessary. My reviews are not as detailed as those in this book, but they are more up-to-date. Get a copy of their book for historical reference and some good RV'ing tips. The maps and directions for the parks still open are priceless. But check the Internet or my roadlogs to be sure a park is still open.

Could you drive your RV or pull your trailer all through Mexico with just this guide and no map? No. But it will get you to your RV park like no map (or even my road logs) can. So get my maps and road logs get my maps and road logs and the Church's guide.

Tent camping in Mexico - this won't do you much good unless you like to stay at RV parks. Driving to Mexico in an RV can be a wonderful RV driving experience. But, if you can't find the RV parks in Mexico without getting snarled in Mexican city traffic, you will have a terrible RV trip to Mexico.