Ex-media spokesman Mexico Tourism. Deemed expert: NY Times, Wall Street Journal, TX Monthly, Guardian (UK), MX City News, Contenido, Atención, San Miguel de Allende.
Mexico Mike with Relief Map

Mike writes mile-by-mile guides & maps for drivers. He can create a personal itenerary for you - & your pets!

Discover Mexico's hidden jewels like Xilitla where a patron of Dali & Picasso, sculpted a surreal fantasy in an orchid forest.
Xilitla walkway guarded by snakes
Bucket list trip or honeymoon - I'll guide you to waterfalls, adventure tourism, hot springs, spas, romantic pueblos.

Tamul waterfall, young lovers


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RV Campers Guide to Mexico

The Only RV Guide To Driving Mexico By RV, Motorhome,Trailering

Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping  Is Really The Book Every RV'er Needs To Travel Mexico

While this RV guide is in need of updating (a laborious task, as I well know) I talked to Mike and Terri recently and they are going about it, This is still the best RV park guide. I do my best with RV parks in my roadlogs, but for a comprehensive guide to every RV park in Mexico there is no competition. They have a special Baja edition now.

The Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping, written by Mike & Terri Church is the real McCoy. This is the only RV guide to Mexico with the "Mexico" Mike seal of approval. Could you drive your RV or pull your trailer all through Mexico with just this guide and no map? No. But it will get you to your RV park like no map (or even my road logs) can. So get my maps and road logs get my maps and road logs and the Church's guide.

Driving your RV or trailer to Mexico? Tent camping in Mexico - this won't do you much good unless you like to stay at RV parks. Driving to Mexico in an RV can be a wonderful RV driving experience. But, if you can't find the RV parks in Mexico without getting snarled in Mexican city traffic, you will have a terrible RV trip to Mexico. You need this RV and camping guide to Mexico if you drive an RV or pull a trailer to Mexico. The Church's updated this book in 2009. Surprisingly, a lot of the info is still valid, but a number of parks have gone out of business, so just have a Plan B and don't get your hopes set on a particular RV park - unless you have checked their website to know they are open.


The Traveler's Guide To Mexican Camping is the very best camping and RV guide to Mexico ever published. I can say that with some authority, as I published one myself, The Sanborn's RV Guide. While it was the best thing available at the time, it was not much more than a listing of RV parks with a little advice for RV'ers to Mexico. It (like any book of this genre) was sometimes more out of date than I would have liked. Okay, it was sometimes really out of date, but that had to do more with distribution than the actual writing of it. Knowing how hard it is to keep something like this up to date, I am amazed at how good this book is.

Where they shine is in their maps and descriptions and evaluations of the RV parks. They are right on. Several of my RV'ing friends have sworn by this book (they used to swear at mine). It is accurate as of the time of printing and should stay so for the most part. Some RV parks will close and some will open as time goes on, but it will remain a very usable book for some time to come. I was impressed that they covered the Gulf Coast, of Mexico for RV parks. They certainly nailed down Tampico (though I now recommend a new bypass). The Baja and West Coast were remarkably well-done, as was colonial Mexico. Even Chiapas and Oaxaca are covered. Naturally, the Yucatan is covered in detail. Overall I give them an "A."

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