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Hot Springs of Mexico Book

Mexico's hot springs offer relief for arthritis, psoriasis, fibromyalgia.

spas and hot springs book

Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico

is out of print. Alas, except for a small booklet published by Mexico Desconocido, there are no new hot springs of Mexico books. I will start a Kickstarter program to help publish a new edition of Hot Springs of Mexico and include waterfalls. Meanwhile if you can find a used copy, this is a great book to learn about Mexico's healing hot springs. Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico has 178 pages and is the only book that catalogs some 60 spas in Mexico and Mexican hot springs (mineral waters) in the country. .

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In 2008, a magazine / booklet was published by the excellent magainze Mexico Desonocido, with 100 or more balnearios throughout Mexico, but it includes plain "bathing places" and not just hot springs. Still, it is better than nothing. I have not seen an update (2018) and think it may have been a one-shot deal.

My book is was rather literary non-fiction as well as a directory of hot springs.

Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico's main, enduring value is that it's not just a collection of facts about hot springs, but a collage of stories -- humorous and heartwarming. It's more in the category of literary nonfiction than mere travel. Stuff like phone numbers are useless, but who calls a hot spring anyway. Directions are still good, water temps accurate (I've checked out about 15 of them in the past two years and found no major changes. Eventually will release an E-book with updates. t the book is still a find.

If you are a hot springs or mineral waters fanatic like me, you will find the descriptions of some 40 or so Mexican hot springs to be well worth your while. I cover directions to the Mexican hot springs, the mineral content and the water temperature (not all hot springs are hot). Most of these Mexican hot springs are off a paved highway, but some are off-the-beaten track in Mexico. I even tell you which Mexican hot springs have dried up.

Reviews of Spas and Hot Springs of Mexico

Marjorie Gersh-Young, former editor of Hot springs and Hot Pools of the Southwest and Northwest (USA) -- "Mike's personal, often humorous comments and travel tidbits are worth the price of the book, even if you are not headed directly to Mexico."

New Orleans Times-Picayune -- "... Nelson gives a synopsis of the spirit of the place, location and how to get there as well as specific prices." (Note, prices of the spas have gone up tremendously, so don't expect that to be accurate).

Mexico File -- "No mere catalog, [this] is the Michelin and Zagat of the upscale, the spiritual, mineral water balnearios and natural swimming holes of the country."

SpaGoer Newsletter -- "Discovering the rich diversity of Mexican spas with Mike is an adventure that reaps healthy and unexpected rewards."

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