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Murder Mystery at Hotel Taninul, SLP

Got this letter from Bernd Goebel in Germany. He's written a detective story based in one of my favorite spots. At the moment, the book is only available in German, but perhaps a translator will read this and get the book into English as well. That he discovered Taninul from a book I wrote 15 years ago just goes to show that we never know what ripples in time our efforts will have. So we should just keep on keeping on and do the best we can in the moments we have.


> Hi Mike,
> Just to let you know that I recently published a detective novel (in
> German) set almost entirely in the Hotel Taninul (and in a few nearby
> places such as the Sótano de las Golondrinas, Tamtoc, Xilitla and Las
> Pozas) which I first discovered some fifteen years ago thanks to your
> great book on hot springs in Mexico!
> My detective is called Zapata, but the real star, one might say, is a
> Téenek gardener called Ehécatl. The book's title, "Schwefel Wasser
> Stoff", is an unusual spelling of the German word for hydrogen
> sulfite.
>Here's a link:

> (The picture on the cover is a bit misleading as it shows some cenote in Yucatán.


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