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Zipline Zacatecas

Huasteca Waterfall

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Great Books About Mexico's Culture and Geography

Tony Burton is one of the most erudite authors of books about Mexico I know. Of course he is British-born so it comes naturally. His Geo-Mexico provides an insight into the making of Mexico, physically and culturally with a geological perspective.

Western Mexico, A Traveler's Treasury is an updated version of his classic book. I read the first edition and it added greatly to my understanding of the country. He combines travel writing with keen realistic observation to give the reader a better sense of the varied places one could visit in Western Mexico.

His history is spot-on and his observations are rewarding. If you want to understand Mexico more than just superficially, get a couple of his books. Heck, order the whole lot.

See Tony Burton Books on Amazon for a sampling of Tony's books.

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