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Isla Aguada Accessible RV Park, Hotel

Accessible room Isla Aguada

Accessibility in Mexico Hotels and RV Parks

Wheelchair accessible hotels or RV parks in Mexico are rare. Finding such an RV Resort and hotel in out-of-the-way Isla Aguada in Campeche state, just before Yucatan, is a rare treat. This RV park in Campeche is for anyone who appreciates being on Campeche Bay and camping (RV or tent) on the beach (lagoon actually). You can fall asleep to the gentle lapping of water against the shore, you are that close and it is that secure. 

Freedom Shores is, as their web page proclaims, 'Designed by a Quadriplegic for Complete Accessibility.' Bill was a USMC veteran who became a quad after a diving accident. He lived in Cuernavaca for years and a few years ago, with his wife Thelma Espinosa Dominquez, moved to Isla Aguada, Campeche.

Passing on the legacy

I am sorry to say that Bill who started this wheelchair-accessible RV park and hotel passed away in 2011. His son William is dedicated to carrying on the tradition from Houston and his widow Thelma still greets and honors the guests who come her way in Isla Aguada.

A very special RV Park and hotel

It is not often that I get excited about a hotel or RV park anymore. Maybe I am jaded, more likely I get tired of everyone hyping how great or unusual their RV resort or their hotel location is. Would everyone please stop shouting? So I found an RV resort and 4 star hotel in Isla Aguada, Campeche that is worth a lot of attention.When I used to write guidebooks, I never saw anything like what Bill did. I remember one 5 star hotelier bragging about his 'handicapped-accessible' rooms. There was a wider door so that a wheelchair could get through, but you would be unable to make it to the bathroom. I asked him why his room was accessible and he said, 'We put handholds on the tub and by the toilet.' Things have changed today, but the lack of understanding still exists.

All are welcome and will enjoy

This hotel and RV Resort is not just accessible. It is for anyone who wants a tranquil setting on an unknown beach with great fishing, shelling, stone crabs and nearby archeological ruins (they offer tours). There are 20 rooms and 45 RV sites. See the Freedom Shores web site for all you can do at Isla Aquada.

Getting There

From Villahermosa - Come into Villahermosa after coming through Cardenas. It is about 30 miles from Cardenas to your turn. After crossing the Rio Carrizal, make a left turn onto Periferico Carlos Pellicer Camara. You will drive along the river on your left, cross Paseo Usumacinta, cross Carretera Ave Nacajuca and then you will come to the traffic circle at Boulevard Industria Nacional Mexicana. It might not be clearly marked but you want to make a left on this Boulevard by going around the circle. This is the federal highway that will take you towards Frontera.

From Ciudad del Carmen

After paying the toll and crossing the bridge you will be in the city and on the island. You will be on Ave Luis Donaldo Colosio. The street is nice and wide at first but as you drive across the city it gets narrower. When you come to a "T" in the road, turn right. Stay on that street and it will take you out of the city and towards Isla Aguada.

See the Freedom Shores website for all you can do at Isla Aquada.