Traveling and Living In Central America

Good Web Sites About Central America


These links to these websites about living and travel in Central America are run by people who really know Central America.


Old-timers will remember the Belize Forum. Newcomers can benefit from their vast knowledge and friendly comradierie. If you are going to Belize, you really should read their site. They have upgraded their software recently and it is way more accessible.


The Guatemala site below has more information than any other I have seen, including driving in Central America. Tom who runs has a site that blew me away. While the site is dedicated to learning Spanish in Guatemala, he includes general information that is quite realistic and helpful.

The Panama site is run by Matt Landau, an up-front guy and good writer. His web site is His blogs are top-notch. While it is mainly a real estate site, Matt offers commentary about what's going on socially, policitally and financially. Good stuff!


Of course if you are driving to Central America, you will probably need my FAQ to make sure you do it right and my super-duper maps and road logs for your route, whether you take the Gulf Coast or go through central Mexico.