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Uncrowded Ruins El Tajin

Hang the Danger! I'll Check It Out For You!

Zipline Zacatecas

Huasteca Waterfall

"Mexico" Mike's helped people discover Mexico for 32 years. Let him help you today.

Pre-Contact "Mexico" Mike

Please read before writing me If you ordered a map and did not get it, please check your spam box for an email with the download links. Or go back to my shopping cart, log in to your account. Your maps will be there for download.

If you don't remember your PW, there is a recovery feature. If you got the wrong map, I will be happy to send you another or refund your money.

If you have any questions about any of my products or services and want to ask before you spend real money, I understand. I'm here to help. If I got something wrong, please tell me.

If you have 'protected' your email account by making everyone jump through verification hoops, either pre-approve * or don't write me.


I'm tired of wasting 15 minutes composing a thoughtful reply only to get the email bounced because 'recipient is only accepting mail from specific email addresses.'

I am trying to find a polite way to encourage those with legitimate questions to contact me and discourage time-wasters.

I've put a "Quick Question" category in my shopping cart. Got a question you need answered? I'll answer it if I know and send you your money back if I don't. I put that up there after one nice person wrote me panicked at 11 PM. She and her boyfriend were crossing the border in the morning. She needed to know how to deal with some paperwork. I stayed up late to help her, gave her the correct answer and sent her an invoice. Never heard from her again. That was the last time I do that. She was not the first to take advantage of me, but she was the last.

I have the same number of hours in a day as you. I need to make a living to feed my family. I am 65 years old and Social Security is my retirement plan. I've devoted my life to learning about Mexico and still keep at it. My knowledge is my stock-in-trade.

If you agree with all that and you have a question, click to email me

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Shameless Commerce Dept.

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Regrets are costly.

Mexico's full of once-in-a-lifetime photos. Don't miss them because you don't have the right equipment.