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Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry & Periodontal Work In Mexico

For specialized work like implants, cosmetic and periodontal procedures I personally recommend Dr. Aguirre M. DDS in N. Progreso, Mexico. He has done work on my mouth and I have referred several people to him. For general dentistry, I still recommend Universal Dental. For specialized treatments, Dr. Aguirre is my choice. Naturally he speaks impeccable English (he was educated in the USA and Mexico). His staff from the office manager to the dental assistants also speak English well.

Dr. Aguirre is a certified implantologist. This means he has completed all necessary schooling and keeps up his credentials and training on the most modern techniques. He has over 1,000 hours of continuing education. He is a member of the following professional dental associations:

Professional Affiliations & Associations
ADM Mexican Dental Assn.
ADA American Dental Assn.
AAID American Academy of Implant Dentistry
FDI Federación Dental Internacionál (France - where he teaches)
ICOI International Congress of Oral Implantology
ADNP N. Progreso Dental Assn. (Past President)

Most importantly, he is completely professional, but takes time to listen to his patients and skillfully diagnose you as a person, not a number. As a precautionary diagnosis, he ordered a panoramic X-ray and discovered a tooth of mine that was just starting to become impacted. He saved me from months of letting it go until it became more serious. As long as I had a hole in my teeth, I had him do an implant.

Once he saved me from a series of expensive and painful periodontal treatments by a periodontist who needed to make a house payment. Dr. X. prescribed a specialized prescription mouthwash, followed by a regimen of Crest Pro-Health. That was years ago and my gums are fine now. He is not a periodontist (nearest one is in Matamoros and no I don't know how to contact him). But Dr. Aguirre did a residency in periodontics and is quite knowledgeable in this area.

His office accepts VI, MC and of course, cash. Should you choose to use a credit card, it will be charged by his USA merchant account so you won't pay a foreign transaction fee. Below are some representative prices.

Dental Procedures
Procedure Sub Category Cost Notes
Implants Basic $1,500-$1,800 Basic implants, abutment, and crown.
Implants Strautman $2,000-$2,500 Straumann implants price varies depending on the case as needed. This is the absolutely worlds best name brand implant hence the cost.
Implants General Info
All implant estimates include post, crown, and any temporaries we need to do.
Implants Full mouth-no teeth
The price is very tremendously depending on if we do for implants with a screw retained partial denture, a bar on top before implants, or six implants with for non-removable porcelain teeth. For the Lord's will usually do two miniature implants on top of a denture that snaps on and off. That ranges from about $3200 as high as $3800 depending on the amount of implants in the types of dentures we use
Periodontal Procedures
Procedure Sub Category Cost Notes
Cleaning Deep $80 per quadrant


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