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Rustic Hot Springs On Hwy to Monclova

You never know what Mike will find for your roadlogs!

Baños, Coahuila
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The Heart of Hot Springs Country

Go ahead. Play in the mud! This thermal mud is miraculous, saith "Mexico" Mike.

Los Azufres, MICH
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Hottest of the Hot!

Tecozautla, water from this sulfur spring boiling at source.

El Geiser, HID
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Work Project 4

Best Sulfur Springs Close to Texas

Taninul, SLP

Mike Goes To Any Length To Find The Best Hot Springs & Spas 4 U!

This directory of Mexican hot springs or thermal waters (aguas termales in Spanish) reviews several from simple balnearios to 5 star spas. Those springs noted for relief of psoriasis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, insomnia or any other medical condition are highlighted. I am not a doctor. But I have rampant psoriasis all over my body. When in full bloom, people stare and small children run and hide. A week or so at sulfur hot springs reins it in better than the biologics prescribed by my dermatologist.

My psoriasis has since taken residence in my temporal lobe arteries and is a far more serious matter. I'm not sure the springs will be able to do anything for me, but if they do - woohoo - I'll let you know.

I used to avoid hot springs. Too "new-Agey" for me. I envisioned a lot of wrinkled old folks floating in dirty water. Then I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my 40's and told I wouldn't be able to walk unassisted in my 50's. I decided to give thermal waters a shot.  Today I wander mountain trials in search of waterfalls and wear Merrell hiking boots just in case I hear waterfall whispering to me.  I seek every hot spring I hear about from the rustic to the elegant. Then I report back to y'all. 

Most hot springs devotees eschew spa resorts as did I once. Eventurally I realized that succumbing to an expert massage after a hard day's driving didn't negate the healing properties of the hot springs outside. Try one - I won't tell your self-rightous friends back home. What happens in las aguas termales stays  in the waters.

A general overview of Mexico's hot springs is here. A directory is on the right side of this page. ¡Disfrute! (Enjoy) 

Detailed directions to hot springs are in all roadlogs.

San Luis Potosí

Taninul, Cd. Valles

En Bañito, Cd. Valles

San Luis Potosí

Centro Vacacionál Gogorrón



Spa Yolihuani, Calvillo


Comanjilla, Silao

San Miguel de Allende