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From a few questions to a trip plan, I'll help you as no one else can.

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Romantic getaway or bucket list. Find both in waterfall's mist.

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Travel health / air evac insurance might be prudent. Just sayin'.

My roadlogs / maps guide you by the hand. Highways, Hotels, RV parks, boondocking. See for yourself.

A Roadlog Is A Guidebooks for Drivers to Mexico

What, you ask, is a roadlog? If you're familiar with Mileposts, the AlCan highway guide, you;ve got an idea of what a roadlog is. It is a travelogue or a hybrid of a map, commentary and inside information. Somehow I accidentally throw in humor, or so I am told. They are entertaining. It is a way to understand more of your driving trip to Mexico and get some directions at important turns

Sure you can drive all over Mexico with an Internet map and a GPS and pretty much get where you are going. But you won't know what you've missed, inside insight into hotels and roadside restaurants or Mexican social customs. One thing a GPS can't tell you is which is the safer way. Sadly, i have to keep up with what's going on with the highways, safety-wise.

Anyone can drive a toll road and follow international signs. If that is all you want to do, you don't need my help. But if you have the slightest interest at all in the countryside you're driving through, you will enjoy my guides. Who knows, you might even take a short side trip and really enjoy your trip instead of driving hell-bent for leather. You might even stop at a romantic hotel I recommend or scenic attraction that will make your significant other happy. And we all know that if Mama (or Daddy) ain't happy, nobody's happy.

Sometimes I will add historical info, or little tips to enjoy your visit to a particular area of maybe just a joke to lighten the mood. Sometimes I even get literary. Today's traveler wants his or her information in easy to digest formats, so the text is just enough to help you understand something important or make a travel decision, but not enough to bore you.

Enough talk, here is a sample of a road log. The real deal will be sent to you in a PDF file. Click here to open a PDF file for a road log with a maps and pictures for the drive from Palenque to San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. As the Fates would have it, that is not a route I recommend now (2018). But it is still a good example of what one is like. There are more in my store. Link above and in menu.

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