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"Mexico" Mike's helped people discover Mexico for 32 years. Let him help you today.

Mexico Road Logs, Driving Directions And Maps Of Mexico

Have a better driving trip of Mexico with Mike's maps and road logs

Put my nearly 40 years of driving Mexico to work for you (and keep me in work, too). My roadlogs (or road logs) for Mexico are concise, but filled with the important information you need to drive in Mexico with confidence. They have enough travel commentary to qualify as travelogues. Some even have literary pretensions. They don't have a lot of fluff, like the location of every gas station. You can't swing a dead burro without hitting a Pemex (or international brand) gas station and more are always being built.

Motorcyclists like my maps because I generally include the scenic routes which are better rides. There are a lot of scenic motorcycle rides in Mexico. That does not mean I will send you off-road or down goat trails. These are paved highways in Mexico that are just loaded with scenery and moderately to very curvy roads.

Please take note: ALL my maps and road logs are downloadable. I do not mail anything. You will get a download link right after your PayPal receipt. If you do not get the confirmation email with the download links, EMAIL me me right away. I will fix it. Sometimes your spam catcher stops the email with your map link, so check your "Junk Mail" or "Spam" download links folder. Better yet, white-list * before you order.

There are testimonials spread throughout this site, but here is one that is representative:

Back home in the States and your maps worked great.  There was one detour that screwed me up, but the rest was pretty smooth sailing.  Do NOT like the roads down there although we took the toll roads and they were pot-hole free (unlike spots here in Los Angeles).  I just don't like the way they're constructed.  If, on the other hand, I'd like to get rid of a few hands-on cell phone and texting junkies, I could send them down there and they wouldn't last long...  You must seriously pay attention.  It took 3.5 days and  I found I had the required balls to drive from Mazatlan to Tepic averaging 80 MPH.  It's a bit of a white knuckler with all the semi doble-remolques, but they move over to let you know when to pass.

The only thing I'd change in your Guadalajara map is to add the huge Coca Cola bottling plant which you'll see on your left before the Holiday Inn sign on your right (I think that's the name on the sign and on your map).  It's the last landmark you identified before the turn off to Chapala.  I left the maps with my dad and I'm a tad too lazy at the moment to resurrect my soft copies. 

Well worth the price, Mike.  Regards, Nancy

Map of Guaymas, Sonora to Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Map of Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Tamaulipas

Map of the Mexican Gulf Coast

Map of Yucatan and Quintana Roo

Brief Road Log of S. Gulf Coast

See my shopping cart for a complete selection of roadlogs & advice. and My goal is to help you have a safe and enjoyable driving trip to Mexico.

You don't absolutely have to have my road logs (travelogues) to navigate Mexico today. If you want to muddle through on your own, you'll still get there. You'll just miss a lot on the way. You can drive the toll roads without even using a map. I have, just to see. But, my friend, if you are like me, you want to see those hidden jewels, not just the dusty diamonds that everyone knows about.

A good map, like the Guia Roji maps will get you where you want to go. I use them. My road logs and driving maps of Mexico will tell you why you might want to go somewhere, and realistically how long it will take to get there. Every Mexican highway is different, even the toll roads. You can't just divide the mileage by 55 or 75 miles an hour and get an accurate drive time. Some routes are better for Class A motorhomes or towed units than others. Sometimes (like the bypass of Cd. Victoria, going to San Luis Potosi) the easiest route in not intuitive. A map will suggest what looks like the shortest way, but it takes you over mountains that are a bear to drive. My roadlogs and maps will show you a faster, easier drive.

Included are RV parks and good motorcycle rides. I throw in a little history, hot springs, off-the-beaten-track locations and stuff you won't find anywhere else.

OK, enough sales pitch. See the samples and if you think they are worth it, thanks. These are available in PDF formats.


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