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This topographic map of NE Mexico offers a striking comparison between my maps - drawn by a human who's been there and a GPS or computer map route. This example shows two ways of choosing a route from Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas to San Luis Potosi, SLP.

Most Internet mapping sites route you on the older, somewhat shorter bypass of Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas. I route you on the other, safer driving bypass. While Cd. Victoria, Mexico may not be on your Mexican driving trip, this map is an example of how my Mexico driving and highway knowledge can make your trip easier and your life safer.

A customer wrote: It was horrible driving here, "white-knuckled".  We got an Internet routing that took us from Laredo to Cd. Victoria to San Luis Potosi ... We wish we'd contacted you first.

Another late-comer customer emailed me from Mexico City. He hadn't found me in time to plan his trip, but realized he needed me for the rest (and maybe to save his marriage to be). He paid for a consultation to choose the route for the rest of his trip. He and his fiancée had used Google maps and taken MEX-120 from Xilitla, SLP to the intersection of MEX-57. He was worried his fiancée would call off the marriage if they took another road like that. I admired their wanting to see little-known Mexico and after a phone call, we worked out a trip that took in many beautiful spots from there to Oaxaca and Chiapas, but avoided the apparently direct routes that were really difficult drives. I got a special kick out of it because I knew that route and MY fiancée and I drove it when we first met. We dubbed it "the tope-hiding goat truck shortcut route." You can't get that from a bot.

Another customer wrote about my maps in general:

Back home in the States and your maps worked great.  There was one detour that screwed me up, but the rest was pretty smooth sailing.  If I'd like to get rid of a few hands-on cell phone and texting junkies, I could send them down there and they wouldn't last long...  You must seriously pay attention.  It took 3.5 days and  I found I had the required balls to drive from Mazatlan to Tepic averaging 80 MPH.  It's a bit of a white knuckler with all the semi doble-remolques, but they move over to let you know when to pass.  

Well worth the price, Mike.  - Nancy.

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