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Mexico Driving And Travel Advice - Talk To Someone Who Knows The Answers

The Internet is full of free driving Mexico advice and some of it is accurate. I am not the only guy to ever drive Mexico. I am not in competition with anyone else. If you want to get answers to your questions about driving Mexico from bulletin boards, be my guest. Some of them are quite helpful. The one thing I have found, in my many years of driving Mexico, is that not everyone observes well. I was trained to observe and to be accurate. Others, just driving through, don't have that kind of motivation. So, they will offer advice to the best of their recollection. And some old-timers still think things are the way they used to be. They aren't.

I drive and re-drive places with my eyes and ears open. I talk to locals. I take dozens of hours of notes in my digital recorder and spend weeks transcribing them. I feel I have a responsibility to get it right. If you want to get all your questions answered in one place by one voice, then let me help you. I have been answering people's questions about driving to Mexico and living in Mexico since 1984. Back then I worked for a large Mexican insurance company and they paid me a good salary to talk to their their customers. Today I work for myself.

I love to share my knowledge of Mexico with people. That is what I do. I also feel that my knowledge has value. I ask you, how many web sites can you go to, write an e-mail to the author and expect a reply in a timely fashion? Not many. I respond to almost every e-mail I get. I am a one-man band.

I realize that not everyone wants a full-fledged Trip Planning consultation. I realize that not everyone wants a full-fledged Moving to Mexico consultation. I will be more than happy to help you with your questions about driving to Mexico, safety, where to go and just general stuff. I will talk to you on the phone for up to a quarter of an hour for a small fee. Many people think they have one or two questions that can be answered in less time or by e-mail. My experience is that they usually have more questions than they thought.

I had a woman who had two questions about a car permit and it took me about 5 minutes to give her the correct answers. She said it was the best money she ever spent because she had gotten such diverse answers from the Internet, Mexican authorities and people (expats) she had talked to. She felt that an authoritative answer was worth paying for.

I don't know the answers to everything. If I cannot help you, I will not take your money. Period.

So, if you would like to consult briefly with me, please click here and pay via PayPal. There is supposed to be a place on the form to write your question, but most people miss it. Don't worry, I will write you as I get an automatic notification from PayPal. I will give you my phone number. I check my e-mail twice a day, early afternoon and late at night.

You can see the choices of my services and fees on the page above.

Thank you for YOUR time and visit.

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