Ex-media spokesman Mexico Tourism. Deemed expert: NY Times, Wall Street Journal, TX Monthly, Guardian (UK), MX City News, Contenido, Atención, San Miguel de Allende.
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Mike writes mile-by-mile guides & maps for drivers. He can create a personal itenerary for you - & your pets!

Discover Mexico's hidden jewels like Xilitla where a patron of Dali & Picasso, sculpted a surreal fantasy in an orchid forest.
Xilitla walkway guarded by snakes
Bucket list trip or honeymoon - I'll guide you to waterfalls, adventure tourism, hot springs, spas, romantic pueblos.

Tamul waterfall, young lovers


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Testimonials for Mexico Mike's Roadlogs and Trip Planning

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I am the world's worst marketer. I have gotten testimonials over the years and keep forgetting to put them up on this site. So today I decided to start putting some up. There are real-life comments by real people who paid me real money to plan their trips. Of course, any good marketer could make up testimonials, but I doubt they would sound as varied as these.

Laredo to San Miguel de Allende

Dear Mike, We just got back a few days ago from probably the best trip I've ever taken! My husband and I took the '81 Mercedes and the car did great. Spent the night in Laredo, found the the car permit place easily with your great map. Had about a 1 1/2 hr. wait there, but got our papers, etc.. Were stopped about where you had said just out of Nuevo Laredo for a document check and waved on...

Mike, we SO APPRECIATE your maps, your input, your suggestions..... We hope to be a little more adventurous next time, but this was a good first run for us! (we did exit to Real de Catorce), got all the way down to the left turn when we encountered the rough spikey cobblestones.... Decided it was too rough for our old car.... We will definitely do it AGAIN! In fact, I can't wait to drive back! We got 30 mi per gallon, and saved about $1,000 by driving.

Drove to Monterrey and thought we'd skip the loop and take 85, coming in "a more interesting" way! WELL... we wound up going in circles in Monterrey for over 2 hrs in hellacious traffic. The Garmin was not much help in this situation.

Stopped @ a Pemex and my husband David asked for directions to Saltillo... the guy spoke English, and said " take a right, then a left"....... After about a mile wondering where the left might be, here came this SAME GUY in a VW Bug waving his arms pointing for us to follow HIM!! He led us about 6 miles, finally exiting as he waved us to continue forward..... And there it was.... the sign that read SALTILLO!!! Spent the night at the Imperial Hotel Norte, and it was very comfortable.... We parked under a tree and our car was covered w/ bird poop, but a guy working as a kind of guard happily washed our hood off at 7:15 am! We tipped him well!!

No problems at all driving until we thought we'd swing into San Luis Potosi! Got in a huge traffic snarl, but eventually got back on the road. (It was the weekend the Mexican Constitution was being celebrated!! Driving my beloved old Mercedes into SMA made my heart SING!! Been there so many times, but not driven in before! So COOL!! Stayed 5 or so days, and headed back because we heard rain was expected the next several days....

Stayed in Saltillo again at the Imperial........The only other SNAFU for us was we somehow missed the exit to Colossio back to the Permit Place and got lost in Nuevo Laredo. Thanks to a guy at OXXO, he drew me a map and we found it...... We had no problems at the Border and got home about 9 PM in Waxahachie. We just took it easy, changing drivers and stopping to stretch our legs.....

I still hear horror stories in the States from Mexicans (like my yard guy yesterday) whose 2 children were killed there.. plus he had a gun put to his head by some teenagers, and took 400. off of him. (He said he hid 4,000 bucks in a TV and they missed that) I asked him where this was and he said Durango..... Maybe older Mexicans in trucks with US plates invite trouble b/c they so often are bringing back cash to their families. I don't know. I absolutely LOVED OUR TRIP! Thank you for doing what you do, providing critical information that so facilitates the whole process!

Sincerely, Hilda Jaffe

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