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Here is what another fellow wrote me after his trip. This man had longed to return to Mexico and explore the Huasteca region, but was intimidated by all the negativity around him - friends, family, strangers - all telling him he would be shot if he crossed the border. I never 'sell' anyone on Mexico, but told him my experiences and those of others that it was safe. He chose to give it a shot. Here is what he said:

It's all Your Fault!

We arrived home last night. Feel free if you want to give me a call.  You calmed me down and saved my trip.  IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!  All the messages that you have been receiving from me about my journey also go into a VW full-timers group that circulates around the United States.  I will continue to "pump you up" and hope is brings more business to you.  A fellow named Paul (Canadian) told me to tell you hello.  We met at camp in Guadalajara.  Much to do now that I'm home.  I'll be in touch.

Brian Smith

I hope we can stay in touch.  Thanks again for helping me to confidently travel my journey.