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Gas and Diesel Prices / How to Find Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

There are 90 regional variations in fuel prices in Mexico. These are averages.

Gasoline and diesel prices in Mexico now float. The price at the pump varies wildly between the 83 interior regions and the 7 border regions. Mexicans are not as obsessed with the cost of fuel as foreigners. It's part of the Mexican way. It is what it is and costs what it costs. Gringos gotta plan, so here is this page.

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Fuel on the border is cheaper than most anywhere in the interior of Mexico, roughly on par with gas prices on the US border towns. The border regions are: Reynosa / Matamoros, Nogales, Cd. Juarez, Cd. Acuna, Mexicali, Tijuana etc.).

Local Facebook pages

There are sites and Facebook pages that keep track of fuel prices in local areas, but they come and go, so I can't recommend one to you. Just do a search on (though your computer may have defaulted to that once you crossed the border. Search for precios de gasolina y diesel hoy and look with a careful eye to the date published. 

I'll update this occasionally, but certainly no more than once a month. Here are some sample prices.

March 4, 2021 - Countrywide Average

Diesel - 21.16 pesos/liter / (USD$3.86 Gal).

Magna 21.14 pesos/liter (USD$3.86 gal.) - NOT a typo.

The Mexican constitution was amended in 2014 to allow private investment in Pemex, mainly to fund exploration offshore and fracking. For years, Mexico was a net oil exporter and noted for cheap gas and diesel prices. Neither is true today.

Gas stations (even the ones that have PEMEX on them) are independent franchises. There are more than 10,000 gas stations in Mexico. BP (British Petroleum) opened the first international chain gas station in a suburb of Mexico City, Satélite, Naucalpan, in March 2017. In 2019 the number of independents soared. By 2020 the "gold rush" was over and things settled down. Prices are usually a bit higher for the supposed better service.

Your chances of getting ULSD diesel are better at a foreign branded station on the highway. Many people still do not trust Pemex.

How to Find ULSD (ultra low sulfer diesel) in Mexico.

Mexico still doesn't refine enough Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel for you to count on finding ULSD at a Pemex pump. It's a national pride thing and the President supports Pemex. Foreign stations, however, import most of their fuel from the USA. Thus you are likely to find ULSD at Chevron, Gulf, Arco and other international stations. Try a search for their websites. Some will actually tell you if they have the new diesel. Others won't. When you pull into a station ask the gas pump attendent  (with a 20 peso bill visible) if they truly have ULSD. Say something like Tiene diesel UBA? or diesel ultra baja? And if he says yes, look incredulous and say, No me digas! or Es Cierto? If he again replies in the affirmative, go for it. The pumps also look different and there should be a sign in front, but years of experience have taught me to trust people more than signs in Mexico.

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