Current Fuel (Gasoline and Diesel) Prices in Mexico

Gasoline and diesel fuel prices are lower in border towns.

Gasoline and diesel prices in Mexico now vary wildly from the interior price to the border regions (Reynosa / Matamoros, Nogales, Cd. Juarez, Cd. Acuña, Mexicali etc.). The gas price can be as much as a dollar-fifty lower on the Mexican border than in Mexico's interior. Diesel costs the same everywhere in Mexico. That makes them generally on par with US prices.

Is it worth it to drive across the border to fill up? I don't think so. Reynosa may have a few cents differential, but adding in the cost of Mexican insurance and the hassle of waiting on a bridge for an hour, no vale la pena (It's not worth the effort).

Gas and diesel prices were supposed to float in 2015, but they still change once or twice a month. So I am updating my fuel price database once a month, around the 10th -15th. Although the recommended maximum price will still be suggested by AMEGAS, stations will be free to sell below that.

In 2018, prices in all of Mexico will be on par with gas and diesel prices in the United States.

Border towns & parts of Baja have been allowed to adjust their prices to compete with USA prices. I will continue to publish the AMEGAS suggested retail prices, but you should realize that those are maximums, not necessarily what all gas stations are charging. Will there be "gas wars" in Mexico? We will see.

The state of Morelos is installing nine charging stations for electric cars, made by Nissan. Three will be on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway.

The Mexican constitution was amended in 2014 to allow private investment in Pemex, mainly to fund exploration offshore and fracking. For years, Mexico was a net oil exporter and noted for cheap gas and diesel prices. Neither is true today.

Gas stations are independent franchises. There are more than 10,000 gas stations in Mexico. Starting in 2016, new, independent (international) franchises will be allowed to set up chains in Mexico.

Before you look at the fuel prices and go away, please browse this site.

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Fuel costs (unleaded gasoline, UBA, diesel or low-sulfur diesel) in Mexico will be in flux in 2015. During times of inexpensive crude on the international markets, USA prices will generally be less than gas prices in Mexico, except on the border. When crude oil is selling for over a hundred dollars a barrel, you can bet Mexico gas will seem like a bargain. Regardless, fuel costs what it costs. You'll have to pay whatever the asking price is wherever you are.

For current (mostly) suggested maximum fuel costs in Mexico, see the Mexican fuel price page. Gas and diesel fuel prices are quoted both in Mexican pesos and in US and Canadian dollars. I try to update it once a month. Unless you are buying a consultation, please don't write to ask me the current price of fuel. Thank you.

When US gas prices fluctuated a few years ago, Mexican gas and diesel prices stayed stable.

All Mexican gasoline is unleaded gasoline (Magna - regular and Premium UBA - super gasoline). Magna is 87 octane. Premium gas is not only higher octane (91) but lower in sulfur (15 ppm).

Drive A Diesel? Think Twice

If you drive a diesel, the next page has lots of facts on whether you should drive it to Mexico. I can save you some reading - don't.

Premium Gas In Mexico

It it a waste of money to buy Premium gasoline in Mexico if your vehicle uses regular gas in the USA. Ditto for the aditivos (additives) that gas jockeys try to sell you. Fuel injector cleaner MAY be somewhat valuable. I used to use it all the time, but today, seldom bother. "Mexican" gas came might well have come from the USA.

For monthly updated gasoline and diesel prices in Mexico, see the Mexico fuel price page.