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Questions? Mike'll set your mind at ease / make your trip a breeze.

Gas / Diesel Prices in Mexico 2022
Welcome to Mexico collage

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Questions? Mike'll set your mind at ease / make your trip a breeze.

Gas / Diesel Prices in Mexico - 2022 Gas / Diesel Prices in Mexico 2022

For 2022, the gasoline and diesel cost less in Mexico than in some states in the United States. As of May 23, 2022 Gasoline was $88.4 MXN pesos a gallon ($4.10 on the border to $4.47 interior USD). Diesel was $87.67 MXN, $4.10 USD a gallon for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. Mexico imports 80% of its gas from the USA. The reason gas and diesel cost less in Mexico is the government reimplemented subsidies.

Before your head starts spinning, yes, in 2017 gas and diesel prices were deregulatred and floated in somethig like 14 markets across the country. On the border, they were on par with their US counterparts. Then gas cost less in the USA than in Mexico. Today it is the reverse. 

In 2022 that went out the window and the Mexican government again began subsidizing fuel prices. Will it last? Beats me.

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