Do You Need A GPS To Drive To Mexico?

If you want a GPS, you want a Garmin

Do you need a GPS receiver for Mexico? No. Will it come in handy? Yes. Will it help you have a better trip? Only if you show it who's boss. A GPS receiver will give you a sense of security perhaps, but it won't tell you what you are missing. Please, don't be one of those people who plug your ultimate destination into your GPS, then turn off your brain and steer.

Don't have a GPS yet? No problem. Here is a link to GPS units, books , cell phones for Mexico, photography and travel aids.

I now own a Garmin Nuvi 2797LM. Tom-Tom may be okay in the USA, but their Mexico coverage sucks, according to the clients who've told me. I personally have not used one.

You could use your phone as a GPS. Lots of people do. But, seriously, how can you see that little screen? I know, it talks to you. I drove a client on a trip and he insisted on using his phone. It drove me crazy. Plus it will get hot. I vote for a real GPS if any at all.

If you drive through Mexico without paying attention to the wonderful country you are driving through, you are missing the point. Breathe, my pasty friend! Breathe! That's good advice for meditation, yoga, exercise and driving through Mexico. Enjoy the trip. That's where my trip-planning with road logs and downloadable maps of Mexico come in. See menu for my store. I can help you not to miss all the neat stuff on the way. The GPS can get you around cities way better than I can. Together we are a win-win for the Mexico traveler.

Garmin makes the best GPS (Global Positioning System) units for Mexico. Yeah, some of the cheaper brands offer Mexico maps and they will pretty much get you from point A to point B, but Garmin is the gold standard. It only costs a nickel more to go first-class, as my dear mother used to say.

My old Garmin Nuvi 2595LM died this year and while I could have replaced a battery, I went shopping. Once again, I read every different model GPS review on Amazon, went to the Garmin site to compare features and generally was obsessive-compulsive about getting the best deal for the least money. The bottom line is that you can get any Garmin GPS unit that ends in LM or LMT AND has the Mexico maps included (you have to be careful of this). (The "T" means it has live traffic updates, which I don't need and don't know if they work in Mexico or not). Then it becomes a question of cost and features. Personally, as a newly-minted oldster, I opted for the Garmin Nuvi 2797 LM with the 7 inch screen. It is a lot easier on old eyes. I got the LM because of the lifetime updates for both USA and Mexico GPS maps.

No GPS is perfect, so don't surrender your common sense. The combo of my roadlogs with personalized recommendations and a GPS to help you with turns in the cities is ideal.