Las Azucenas Suite Hotel, Zihuatanejo, Gro.

This small suite and residence hotel is affordable, friendly and beautiful. Less than a block from La Ropa Beach. Stay for a day or a few months.

Azucena and Lao There are way too many overpriced hotels in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. If I wanted to pay the kind of money that many demand, I might as well stay in Ixtapa. What is most important to me in picking a hotel is the atmosphere. I was pretty saddened by the "gentrification" of Zihua on a recent trip, after trotting in and right back out of at least 5 hotels. While not all were exorbitant, the ones that weren't managed to have no atmosphere. That is hard in Zihua, since this "fishing village" (as some guidebooks wistfully still call it) was blessed with more atmosphere than most beach towns in Mexico.

Fortunately, we stumbled into the Hotel Las Azucenas just steps away from Playa La Ropa, Zihuatanejo. This 12-suite hotel is ideal for long-term stays. Each 2-room suite at Las Azucenas has a full kitchen, utensils and plenty of room. For those used to the typically hard beds in most Mexican hotels, the real mattresses will be a welcome surprise.


There are both ceiling fans and air-conditioning, so you can have whichever climate-control that suits you. Las Azucenas has pretty decent WiFi in the restaurant/pool area. I don't recall the Speakeasy speed rating, but it was much faster than most hotels. It is nowhere near the 6 Mbs. I get at home, but it was more than the anemic 1 Mbs or less most common in hotels on this part of the Pacific Coast. My sister in Plano, TX gets 30 Mbs., so I am not bragging about my speeds.

But all the above is just about rooms. What really makes the Hotel Las Azucenas shine is the personal care you will get from the local owners, Lao and Azucena. Just so you will know, Azucena means lily. Since their daughter has the same name as Lao's wife, the two lilies the hotel is named for are mother and daughter. Lao (which is short of something unusual and unpronounceable) was raised in the same building as the hotel. They also live there. They will see to it that you have everything you need and will go out of their way to assist you. But they won't intrude on your privacy. That is something that I did not feel from the $500 a night hotel. (Yes, that is $500 USD! What nerve!).Azucenas pool

Prices change, but theirs should always be reasonable. They were reasonable enough for me and I am not known to be a big spender.

For the very near future, the owners of Las Azucenas are building apartments / condos for sale. Construction was going on while we were there (but it started late enough that no one's sleep was disturbed). As these condos get nearer to completion, I will let you know more about them. I talked with Lao about the building process and gave him a few tips from my experience of what Americans and Canadians expect and what is often missing in Mexican construction.

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