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Gogorron Balneario, San Luis Potosí Mexico

Centro Vacacionál Gogorrón Is Unlike Any Other Hot Spring Resort In Mexico


Gogorrón balneario hot springs are different than many balnearios or hot spring bathing places in Mexico. Most balnearios are somewhat primitive, attracting only aweekend crowd or those who come for the day and leave with the setting sun.

If you are troubled by arthritis, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, insomnia or any kind of muscle aches or pains, I can almost guarantee that a few days in Gogorrón hot springs will at the very least make you feel a lot better. At the most, it may put your condition into remission. I attribute the healing properties of Gogorrón with helping to cure my own arthritis and for putting my psoriasis into remission for a couple of months after each visit.

Gogorrón aguas termales (thermal waters) hot springs resort is different. Gogorrón does not use the word balneario in its name. The name is officially Centro Vacacionál Gogorrón. It is truly a resort, catering to people who want to stay for 2, 3 or more days.

gogorron hot springs pool gogorron lawn

I have been going to and soaking in, these hot springs for more than forty years.

People will fruitlessly argue whether there are 576 or more than 1,000 hot springs in Mexico. Who cares? It's like arguing how many angels can sit on pin. Balnearios vary tremendously, from well-developed to primitive. Most Mexican hot springs are in the states of San Luis Potosí, Guanajuato, Michoacán and Aguascalientes.

While you would never confuse it with a froufrou spa, Gogorrón is quite comfortable and first-class. You could confuse the "real" Gogorrón with Gogorrón Viejo, which is about a mile before it on the right side of the road. The "other" Gogorrón is similarly-priced, has fewer amenities and the water did not seem as hot, but that is subjective, since I did not have my hot springs thermometer with me when we went there.

An easily accessible Mexico hot spring (balneario) from the Texas border is Gogorrón Balneario, 45 minutes south of the city of San Luis Potosí. The mineral water at Gogorrón is particularly good for psoriasis and arthritis. One friend even experienced relief from years of insomnia. Included in the price of the room at Gogorrón (about $60-$80 double) are 3 buffet-style meals (there are more choices on weekends).

All Gogorrón rooms include a tile soaking tub (called a tina Romano or Roman tub) in your room. The small room tubs are big enough for 2 people, and the big rooms in the front are big enough for as many as 6 people to soak without touching. That alone makes this a fantastic value.

If you want some variety in food, you'll have to go into Villa de Reyes. Go to the market and outside there are stall with vegetables and various foodstuffs. I don't know his name, but the best is the one I call the "Chicken King." He rotisseries chicken over mesquite coals. To find him, look for the biggest crowds. The chicken is usually gone by 2:30 PM and not ready until 2:00 PM. Facing the market outside where all the food stalls are, his is the farthest right (on the end, closest to the road to Gogorrón). If the chicken is not ready when you arrive, wait. We wandered around and it nearly sold out.   

For a fanciful, literary nonfiction account of the author hallucinating at Gogorrón before it was so upscale, see this story from his Spas & Hot Springs book.

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