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Hot Springs Map Michoacan State

This map shows most of the hot springs or thermal waters in the state of Michoacan. This state has perhaps the most, or at least the most developed hot springs in all of Mexico.

I have a special report on the hot springs of Michoacan and will included it with any roadlog that includes Michoacan. Just let me know, as I don't waste it on people who are just driving through. The hot springs report is 5 pages. Meanwhile, use this thermal waters map to locate some hot springs that interest you.

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Hot Springs and Spas

In the 1980's and early 90's these hot springs were pretty primitive. The Reino de Atzimba was the most well-developed balneariobut hardly a spa.

Today most every spring in the area has rooms or cabins and many have spa services. Los Azufres Spa Natural is quite attractive and the Cabanas y Balneario Erendira is very nice. Just drive along the lake and you will see all varieties of hot pools to soak in.

The steaming hot springs and geysers are harnessed by the electical department and used to produce electricity. In the northern section of the park, it is pretty brutal-looking with big pipes carrying steam to the generating towers. Once you get past that, it is more idyllic.