B&B Near Santa Engracia, Tamaulipas for Birders, Butterfly Followers,Nature Lovers

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Tamaulipas forest home to butterflies, birds in refuge close to Texas border at McAllen, TX

The Quinta Tesora de la Sierra Madre just off HWY 40 near Estacion Santa Engracia, Tamaulipas (not too far from Cd. Victoria) is a most welcoming and relaxing hotel / guest house / wildlife refuge to stay at in Tamaulipas state. It is run by a transplanted Texan who treats you like family when you and your family come to stay.

There is a very interesting hacienda only a few hours from McAllen, TX, run by an old gringo and a crazy cat and a lazy dog or maybe a crazy / lazy gringo and an old cat and dog. Nature walks, birding and butterflies are some of the attractions. There may even be UFOs at night. I am not sure, but judging from their website, the owner may be a bit of a Sherlockian, as am I. Gotta love fans of the Great Detective!

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  • Birding, Butterfly Tours or Do It Yourself With Directions

    Your hosts with arrange tours for you depending on your interests. If birding is your passion, they can accomodate you with a local who really knows the area woldlife. If butterfies are the reason you are there, ditto, though it may be a different guide, since it's a different skill.

    Breakfast is included in the price of the room, which is reasonable. Lunch and dinner are treats not to be missed for a reasonable charge. You go here to forget about the outside world, which you will.

    If you go there, my roadlog of the Gulf Coast from Reynosa or Matamoros has detailed directions on how to drive there. But you will have to go to their website and make a reservation. You can't just show up willy-nilly.