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Mexican Homeowners Insurance 

Insurance to Protect your self, your stuff. 

US-Style Home / Condo Insurance

Mexican homeowner's / condo insurance is confusing. Coverage and limits are different than for USA or Canadian policies. Fortunately, there is one Mexican insurance company that provides a USA-style homeowners or condo owners policy.  

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     Mexican homeowners policies are very different.  

Homeowner's Insurance Demystified

Now, you can buy homeowners insurance for your condo or your house in Mexico that is understandable and written along the lines of U.S. homeowners insurance.

Whether you already own your home or condo in Mexico, or are considering buying one, you need to do some research. Not all insurance is created equal, and this is especially true when we compare typical Mexican home Insurance policies with US home policies.

Most Mexico homeowners' insurance policies have different features and coverages than US policies. They may exclude much of the coverage we expect. The result was confused homeonwers.

To bridge this gap, International Insurance Group (IIG) partnered with ACE Seguros SA de CV. Together, they created a homeowners policy that you can understand, and that will provide the coverage you know and need.

IIG's policy is built on the same coverage form (in the same way) as a US policy. 

Coastal locations are eligible and we also offer Earthquake and Hurricane coverage

Rental Property

Do you rent out your home or condo? You'll be happy to know about the important coverage automatically included in our policy.

Renters Liability

Protects you from renters that may sue you after an occurrence.

Loss of Rents

Protects your income from the property after a loss. This coverage is limited to 20% of the value of the dwelling or for a total of 12 Months.

Solid Underwriter IIG's Mexico homeowners policy is underwritten by ACE SEGUROS SA de CV, a member of ACE-INA, a Multi-national 'A" Rated Fortune 500 Company.

Easy Ways to Quote and Buy Getting a Mexico homeowners insurance quote has never been easier. You can get an immediate online quote in less than 5 Minutes.

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Once you have a quote you can have proof of insurance with our easy to use online system in just a few minutes more.

If you would prefer to speak to a licensed insurance agent who can answer your questions and ensure you get the coverage you need, you can call us at 877-774-2868. Tell 'em "Mexico" Mike sent you, please. Get a quote today!