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Varieties of Mexican Insurance

Types of Insurance for Prudent Travelers

A few dollars on insurance outweighs many restless nights.

Click / Tap Here for Vehicle Insurance

This is a no-brainer. You are required by law if not common sense to carry Mexican insurance on your vehicle. Get it from the same company I use to insure my vehicles. Don't be fooled by companies with amazingly low rates. In insurance and brain surgery you get what you pay for. Seriously, Mexico Insurance Services rates are competitive and, in fact, lower than most other reliable companies. Their service is outstanding, which is even more important. So click / tap the link below to get a quote.

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 Medical / air evac insurance.


Nope, you don't have to have it.

I've traveled many a mile without any. Then, one fateful night in Saltillo, I made an unplanned inspetion of their best private hospital. What's worse was that my new girlfriend who only knew the legend of "Mexico" Mike had to bail me out. The "legend" was broke.Kinda knocked the wind out of my sails. The legend didn't even have a spare $1,000. Imagine if it had been an extended staay. We read about tourists owing thousands of dollars to Mexican hospitals all the time. Be proactive and responsible, not another weepy news story. You decide.

Mexican Homeowners Insurance  

For expats, insuring your home in Mexico can be a challenge. Policy coverage is different and sometimes incomprehensible. Fortunately, this company offers US-Style home insurance.

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