Travel insurance plans for Mexico

Nobody likes to think of the things that might happen on a trip. What a downer! But borrowing from the Boy Scouts motto could save you a lot of grief later.

  • Just the facts

  • Vehicle Insurance is required by law
  • Heath Insurance is just plain smart
  • Your chances of accident or injury is higher on a trip
  • Mexican hospitals are good, but sometimes air evac is necessary. It could bankrupt you.
  • Expats will be please to find USA-style mortgage insurance.

Various Types of Insurance for Prudent Travelers

Vehicle Insurance

This is a no-brainer. You are required by law if not common sense to carry Mexican insurance on your vehicle. Get it from the same company I use to insure my vehicles.

Health and Accident Insurance

You've no doubt read news stories about Mexican hospitals insisting on huge payments from tourists who were injured on vacation. In the hospitals' defense, many tourists have run up big bills and left, never to repay them. Regardless, investment in a traveler's health policy is miniscule, compared to the risks. Don't be the next news story.

Are you insured at home? Why not when you travel? This coverage includes not only hospital and doctor bills but air-evac if you need it. While Mexican hospitals are generally very good, air evacuation to a better-equipped hospital (Mexican or USA) is sometimes medically necessary. That could bankrupt you. Spend a few bucks on a heath and hospital policy and be safe. The company I recommend pays the hospital or air ambulance company directly and immediately. That is one less stress for you.

Mexican Homeowners Insurance

For expats, insuring your home in Mexico can be a challenge. Policy coverage is different and sometimes incomprehensible. Fortunately, this company offers US-Style home insurance.

Photo Gear Insurance

As a photographer myself, I know how precious photo gear specific insurance is. When you're carrying around equipment that may be worth more than the car you're driving, peace of mind comes at a price. I recommend the same company I use and a membership in Professional Photographer's Association.