Zacatecas to Guadalajara, Pto. Vallarta, San Blas, Map

Crossing at Laredo is the most popular way to get to Guadalajara and Lake Chapala. From there, you can go on to Pto. Vallarta and/or Sanblas or Mazatlan. There are two routes - through San Luis Potosí or through Zacatecas. I've driven both and both have pros and cons. My roadlogs on the map will help you decide. This only shows the route from Zacatecas.

This highway map is just part of what you get when you order a roadlog from me at my store above. Estimated driving times, possible secenic attractions, suggestiuons on where to break your trip and more are all included in the roadlog.

Yes, you CAN drive from Nuevo Laredo to Guadalajara in one day. But for goodness sakes, why? Two days is not exactly leasurely, but it certainly is safer.

Map of Zacatecas Route to Guadalajara, Pto. Vallarta & San Blas

Map-San Luis Potosi or Zacatecas to Guadalajara