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Uncrowded Ruins El Tajin El Tajin niches-Papantla Veracruz
"Mexico" Mike - named Mexico expert by NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Texas Monthly, The Guardian (UK), Irish TimesMexico Mike with Relief Map

Huasteca Waterfall

Tamasopo Waterfall-Valles, SLP-Huasteca

"Mexico" Mike has helped people discover Mexico for 33 years. Let him help you today.

Topographic Relief Map of Mexico

This satellite view map of Mexico has both topographic aspects, like mountain ranges and rivers, latitude and longitude lines, relief map aspects and tourist map aspects like major and some minor cites of touristic interest. It is a map for all types of cartography junkies like me. Smaller towns of interest to tourists are in this color. Whether you call it a topographic map (which by a strict definition of map of topography, it is not) or a relief map or a satellite map (which is definitely is), this is a pretty cool map of Mexico. The satellite picture was taken by NASA, not me.

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