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Driving Map, Mileage Chart, Roadlog- Nogales to Guaymas, Sonora to Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Why and where to drive and where not to drive

This highway map & roadlog for drivers down Mexico's Pacific Coast starting at Nogales, Sonora was updated and revised in 2017. Like all Mike Maps, it has the highway(s) of course, both toll and free, bypasses and suggested stops. Sure a map or a GPS could get you there. But I give you much, much more. I tell you why you want to go. This map from Guaymas to Mazatlan (or in reverse from Mazatlan to Guaymas) also has explanations about why a side trip could be important to you - or not. Included are Alamos and El Fuerte. I keep up with safety issues about whether side trips are recommended or not. If you are going to Baja, you will might use the Topolobampo ferry or the Mazatlan ferry. And this map for drivers will tell you how to avoid Culiacan and where to turn to save an hour's driving into (or out of) Mazatlan.

This Nogales to Mazatlan map & sample roadlog is only part of what you get when you buy this map. The one-page map is a brief teaser of the full deal maps in my shopping cart. Please see them in my shopping cart.

Nogales - Vallarta Map Scrolls. Roadlog just below also scrolls, rotates, does tricks.

Roadlog example


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