Veracruz highway with red pickup truck Drivers Map, Mileage Chart, Roadlog- Nogales to Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Drivers Map, Mileage Chart, Roadlog- Nogales to Guaymas, Sonora to Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Why and where to drive and where not to drive

The state of Sinaloa has a bad reputation. Sonora isn't far behind in bad press lately. So why is this the most popular route for tourists who drive their cars, trucks, RV's, trailers and motorcycles?

The whole route of MEX-15 and MEX-15D is either toll or divided libre road. Because 90% of tourists drive the toll roads, I don't bother mapping the libre (free) roads anymore. Sure they exist, but are not easilly accessible.

There are some real hidden jewels on this route, but most people miss them. They are in a hurry to get to a beach. To each his/her own. But if you are the kind of tourist who appreciates special places, I've got some treats in store for you.

Some Non-Beach Destinations

On the second day of your trip down the coast, you'll see a turnoff for Alamos near Navojoa. Don't pass it by. Alamos is the most colonial town onthe route, once one of the richest in Mexico. Well-preserved with none of the "hustle the gringo" sentiment you occasionally run into on the beaches. There is a shortcut from Alamos to El Fuerte, but I don't recommend taking it. Stick to the beaten track here to get off the beaten track. Greasp that and you are an honorary Mexican.

Los Mochis is just peaceful. Yes, I know a cartel leader was captured there, but name a town where one wasn't.

El Fuerte is so full of history it drips. Very mellow, situated on a river. New old fort (it's a replica, but well-built) worth a visit. Birding alont river. Peaceful. If you are not chill after staying here, you've got some serious problems.

Even Mazatlan is a joy for a beach town. Get the roadlog for this route and you will see all the secrets of the area. At least the ones I can share.