Veracruz highway with red pickup truck

With "Mexico" Mike as our partner, we felt safe & enjoyed our trip. He delivered more than promised.

Relief map shows you routes.

This relief map of Mexico contains the most common driving routes, which are for sale in my store. Simply click the little box beside where you want to go and ¬°Que Milagro! The route appears. You can scale or drag the map to meet your needs. 

My roadlogs are more like books with everything you want to know along your route + all the maps you'll need with driving times, distances based on real-like not some computer simulation.

These roadlogs are not dry accumulations of fact to impress. They have some of those, but also give you the whys and why nots of stopping to visit a place. If an interesting town is half an hour off the main road, is it worth it in time? Need pet-friendly hotels? Got you covered. 

If you have trouble breathing at altitude, I can custom-plan a route for you that avoids most mountains. Ask me!

  • Let Mikey Plan Your Trip
  • Save time and money. Enjoy more.

  • Save on insurance
  •     You gotta have Mex. insurance. Get the best. Dependable. Fair prices.

  • Maps / roadlogs

  • Save on hotels

  • Learn Spanish