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This highway map will help you find sulfur,alkaline, salt hot springs in Durango state of Mexico. 

Mexican hot springs are my passion. Durango, Mexico has several hot springs. Some of these hot springs are sulfur (quite beneficial for psoriasis and arthritis). Others are composed of alkaline or a combination of salts. This hot springs map will tell you which ones are not worth driving to, temperatures and how to get to the hard-to-find ones. Since there are not many hot springs junkies and fewer who will drive to Durango state today, I stopped selling this map. You can, however, right click and save it to your hard drive for free.

Among the springs on this hot springs map are: Mezquital hot springs, Balneario La Joya de Atotonilco (near Mezquital) - both worth the trip, El Saltito Balneario, San Juan Navicoayan Balneario (near Nombre de Dios, Durango) -- not worth your time, La Concha (near Peñón Blanco, Durango) -- sorta okay, but cool and one really worthwhile hot pool near Nuevo Ideal pr Papasquiaro, Durango. You can drive to most of these hot springs within a day of Durango City, except for the balnearios (hot pool) near Papasquiaro or Nuevo Ideal. Jacala balneario is a real jewel of a hot spring and you'll need a day there.

Durango hot springs map



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