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Mexican Dentist Testimonials

Testimonials from real folks about their dental experience at Universal Dental, Nuevo Progreso, Mexico - Dr. Barajas, Dr. Bazan, Dra. Karina

These are real testimonials from real people who went to Universal Dental Clinic in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. (I could not make this stuff up if I tried. I don't put last names unless the people specifically said I could). I apologize to all of you who wrote me with testimonials. I just forget to put them up. But here are a few I remembered. If the ones here already don't convince you, you probably are not convince-able.

Write for an appointment Tell me what you think you need done, when you want it done. Be sure to tell me if you are taking any medication.

1st Class Care Without Having to Take Out a Mortgage

Hi Mike, just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with the dental care I received recently in Progreso. I'm so glad I came across your web site - the experience was exactly as advertised, the Staff at Universal Dental Clinic was great and Dr Bazan took very good care of me. Hopefully I won't need their services for a while but it's nice to know I can get first class dental care without having to take out a mortgage. 

Again, THANKS! - John Marshall

Very Pleasant Dentist

I just wanted to inform you that yesterday everything went fine at the dentist in Nuevo Progreso. It turned out that I did need a crown, which is why I'll have to be back next week. And, like you said, the doctor is a very pleasant person. Everything I hoped for. AC (Adrea C.).

Dr. Bazan Saved A Tooth. Very Satisfied.

I was in the chair for 6 hrs today and I go back for another 6 hrs Thur, but the cost $2240 is about 25% of Florida and I would have had 20 plus apts. Also, Dr. Bazan is saving a tooth that the Fla dentist was going to pull. So I'm a satisfied customer. Thanks again. Mike Cox.

Really Satisfied. No Pain!

Hi mike. I made appt with Dr Barajas. yesterday that you had scheduled for me. I was really impressed with him. Did great work for me and no pain. You were rite, best dental service I have seen . I am sure glad I met  you all. I have return visits coming up. Thank You , Thomas Williams.

Dr. Bazan Worked for 5 Hours. Good Work. (Canadian clients)

Everything is great! Dr. Bazan spent 5 hours on the 4th root canal, 3 extractions, and temporary partial today. The final trip for my top teeth is next week. I'm going to do the bottom end of July. - Tim Rogers, Houston

2nd - Yes (you may use my comments), I recommend you and them to anyone any way. I came back here with a true love of Mexico also.

Very Professional from Candian Patients

1st - Just to let you know that everything went very well in Nuevo Progreso, just a nice walk in the park. Dr Bazan is very nice and professional. Going back Monday afternoon for the last step, getting the 2 crowns installed. So, everything is cool. Thanks to you.

2nd - Took some pictures at the dentist. Monique got a total cleaning and I got my crowns installed. What can I say, everything went so well. Perfect from a to z. - (Claude y Monique Emond, from Quebec, Canada).

Absolutely Awesome! There is no pain!

August 2011 - Mike,I went to my appointment today.  I had to have a root canal as I had thought and I just wanted to say thank you so much for telling me about Dr. Gilbert.  He was absolutely awesome!!!  I had a root canal last year and was on two meds after and still felt awful, but this time I don't even feel like I had anything done at all... there is no pain!  I will be going back this next weekend to get my crown put on.  I greatly appreciate all of you time.

Dr. Bazan Is Nothing Short of Phenomenal! Efficiency, Professionalism, Simplicity.

Mike, Nothing short of phenomenal!

I arrived back home this afternoon so I wanted to drop you a line.  It was good to meet you and I certainly appreciated your hospitality and your 'animal' family as well.

Friday was my final appointment with Dr. Barajas. which lasted some 3 hours.  The man is nothing short of phenomenal.  He fitted and perfected the multitude of crowns (12) which is a major task in itself.  He did things so meticulously and explained each step along the way.  Half of what he did would not have been done by my last dentist who I no longer go to and who would have charged $16,900 just to put the crowns in.  Additionally he cleaned and whitened the lower teeth.  All for $2,600 not including the Visa fee.  Incredible. 

At various times while he was juggling all of these I would reflect back on the years of my dental adventures and the financial circus (catastrophe to some) I paid.  Dr. Barajas alone did the work.  Yes, occasionally he would ask for something and it would be quickly retrieved by Sergio or the other girl.  But unlike here, he did not have 2-3 assistants cowering around you with vacuums in your mouth, making sure your designer glasses were on correctly to offset the dental light above and scurrying around for menial errands.  The man did it all alone.  I assured him if the opportunity arose, I would be recommending future patients to him. 

I am still in contented shock of the efficiency and professionalism and the simplicity of his operation.  Dr. Barajas is as good as any US dentist I have ever seen and far better than the last.  My only regret is that I do not live closer to such treatment.  God help us all if Mexican dentists go greedy and capitalist when they realize what a true bargain they are.  Feel free to use me as a testimonial for this man to anyone.

Lastly, I went to Canada's [a department store] and purchased a couple of belts and a turquoise necklace, all well accepted when I arrived home today.  Thank you for all of your original information and saving me thousands of dollars. Bob A - Florida.

Answered Questions in a Straightforward Manner

Dear Mike, Just a note to thank you for the  referral.   I found him to be straightforward; answered questions directly and opined the restoration suggested for me, while profitable for the dentist, would not correct, nor help my situation.    Faced with  two conflicting opinions,  Dr. Barajas's straightforward explanations makes him the  winner.    Thanks again, Mike. Bruce Clifford

Most Painless Dental Visit Ever!

I've had nothing but bad experiences with dentists here in Texas, so when my tooth cracked on me I was tempted to try to ignore it. The pain wouldn't let me, and finally I broke down and went to see a dentist. He said I needed a root canal and a crown... the cost? $2000! I work better than 50 hours a week, and I'm in school also: I didn't have that kind of money! I thought I was just gonna have to ignore it and hope for the best... that is, until I found a doctor recommended by Mike. He made the appointment, and the next week I was down there. Crossing the border is a piece of cake (it's twenty-five cents for the pedestrian toll bridge), and finding the dentist was easy also. But here's the best part: I had a root canal done down there, and there was ALMOST NO PAIN! It was the most painless dental visit I've ever had! Seriously, I can't recommend Mike or the dentist highly enough!!

Thanks Mike!

Service Beyond the "Sale"

Hi Mike:

I am having a little trouble with my dental insurance people.  They need Dr. Barajas's dental license number.  I e-mailed them, but have not gotten a response.  Could you talk with them (my Spanish is very limited) and have them e-mail me that information?

Thanks a bunch.  I am no longer living in fear of losing a tooth! - Bri - Austin, TX (I sent her the info and she got paid by her insurance).

Professional Care And A Doctor Who Listens!

Just wanted to send you a thank you for all your help in locating a dentist that I could see in reference to all the dental work that I needed done. Dr. Barajas. was very professional and was very helpful in attending to my needs and concerns. His office staff had great customer service skills and answered a lot of questions and concerns that we had. I will be making a second trip to see him in about a week to get my crowns put in. Thanks again! - Connie Garza

A long-time fan of the doctor (but not a client of mine).

Dear Mike:  Before I received your message I was finally able to secure the phone number for Dr. Barajas. and have arranged an appointment.  Thank you for your offer of assistance; it was surely an effort to do this on my own.  I am glad to hear that you think so highly of this doctor; he had done 12 caps on my front teeth three years ago when he was working for Maria Tuttle's office and I have been very happy with them.  Thank you again.  Joyce Wilson.

No Pain (but a lot to gain). Cannot Say Enough Good Things. Very Professional.

I cannot say enough good things about Universal Dental. I badly needed 5 crowns, a root canal, a post, a filling, and a cleaning. In Austin the cost was $8500, which was beyond my means. With Dr. Bazan., the cost was $1250 for everything; and, he did a GREAT job. NO Pain, beautiful crowns. Dr. Bazan. is very professional, his work is high quality, his office is sparkling clean, he uses an autoclave, and yes, he is a REAL dentist! I should mention, I met patients of his wife, and they told me she is also a very good dentist - and beautiful as well. Many, many thanks to Dr. Bazan. You were a "tooth saver!" and a budget saver. Smiling again in Austin, TX. -- Bri.

Wow! No, make that a double WOW!

Our visit to Dr. Barajas went wonderfully! The total cost was $590, which included two extractions and a set of mid-range resin dentures.

I was so impressed at how clean and professional they were that I am headed back down there in January to have three crowns done. I can't thank you enough for the recommendation, Mike. My friend looks at the world in a whole different way. - Margaret, Austin, TX

P.S. If you ever need a quote from a satisfied referral, use me.

All the way from Pennsylvania! (She sent me a fruit basket in appreciation)

Several emails were required to answer this patient's questions and get everything set up. She originally contacted me trying to locate another dentist. I truly am here to help.

Yes I need your assistance. I need to have a lot of crowns/caps/bridge work redone. I have my x-rays which I think would help the Dr. give me a ball park figure to get the money together asap. I'm on disability. I also have Meneire's disease which is an inner ear balance problem so walking can be a bit of a problem some days. I also have asthma and I'm concerned about breathing in general. So I think a car would be a better bet all around. If that is possible. Or can I get to Mexico from Brownsville by some bus or car service? I need to get the documentation on price to take out a loan. Thanks for your help. I'll certainly mention you and I want you to know I'm getting a kick out of your book. Just bought one yesterday. Also I appreciate your comments about the Dentist being gentle, I've had some bad experiences in the past that got me in the situation I'm in now. Thanks again Susan H. Pennsylvania.

After her appointment:

Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk at Dr. Barajas's office. I was in the middle of a root canal and thought you might come back later. I had hopes of taking you and Nicki out to dinner, if you were available. I really did like Dr. B and his associates. I felt like they did a great job. It was a very positive experience. I had no trouble parking the car in town and rarely had to walk more than 1/2 of a block. I felt safe and enjoyed the local community. If you need references in the future let me know, I have a few recommendations  for anyone making the trip. thanks again for your help! take care, Susan H. (Pennsylvania). PS McAllen looked like a nice area. They were great at the airport.

Final email and the one I like best.

Thanks again Mike, you've been a peach! Take care, Susan.

It's nice to have a friend

I go out of my way to help you. At least one prospective patient appreciated that:

Please go ahead and make the appointment on Monday, We come to Nuevo Progreso once or twice a year so we are very familiar with the area. I appreciate your help. I feel better knowing someone is working for me and knows the Dentist. Thanks Pat.

Simple and Sweet

We all thank you for your help. The doctors were wonderful, and my friends will see them again to get the work done.- Lena.

Write for an appointment Tell me what you think you need done, when you want it done.










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