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Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan, Mexico's former ambassador to the United States praised "Mexico" Mike's style of writing and introducing Mexico to foreigners. (See lengthy quote below).

Let Mike Guide You Through Mexico

Every highway has a story; every curve has a tale.

If you've always wanted to go on a roadtrip to Mexico, but were hesitant, cast that crutch aside and go!

Since 1983, literally Millions of first-time% return drivers to Mexico have trusted Mike to point them in the right direction. For 13 years, he wrote the Sanborn's Travelog - the preeminent guidebook for self-driving tours to Mexico.

Tell me what interests you and I'll make suggestions. Waterfalls and hot springs are my forte. Adventure travel is right behind tnem. Tell me what you want to do and I'll make it happen. 

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"Mexico" Mike Nelson was formerly Mexico's media spokesman promoting surface tourism and a founding member of the Mexico Writer's Alliance. MSNBC interviewed him about border safety after seeing one of his blog posts. Mike was an early adopter of the Internet with one of the first web sites devoted to promoting tourism to Mexico. 

He was professionally media-trained by Edelman Worldwide Public Relations and an ABC news trainer. He has appeared on more than a dozen of the top TV stations in the United States as well as hundreds of radio interview shows promting Mexico tourism and expat living.

He has published 16 books about Mexico and social issues. His anecdotal, personal form of writing has gained many thousands of loyal fans over the years.

Mike is one of the few authors about Mexico who writes extensively about driving Mexico. He likes to find little-known destinations as well as beach resorts. He grew up (and still lives) on the Texas/Mexico border, keeping his pulse on the true safety situation, instead of repeating sensationalist stories. MSNBC interviewed him because of his unique perspective. He has lived all over the United States, Pto. Escondido, Oaxaca and for several years spent half his life in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and half in Mexico. 

Mexican Government & Media Attention

Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan said of Mike's latest book Modern Mexico – Through The Eyes of Modern Mexicans: I want to thank you for your engagement with Mexico. As you know, there are no two countries as important to each other’s well-being and security as Mexico and the United States. In a very complex bilateral relationship as the one we have, societies play a very important role in creating more and better opportunities for everyone. 

For this reason, a book like yours, which gives voice to modern Mexicans and portrays contemporary Mexico in ways that perhaps many Americans fail to see is so important. Mutual understanding is a goal better served with everyone’s involvement. We all need to ensure that our two societies remain co-stakeholders to one another, understanding that we are joined at the hip for the good and that a rising tide will lift boats on both sides of our border.

With the help of individuals like you, who are committed to improve our countries and peoples’ interaction, we are better suited to address our common challenges, and to make our countries work together for a shared future. 

Modern Mexico is a Studs Terkel-like collage of interviews with 30 Mexican people who form the bulwark of Mexican society. Read it only if you want to learn more about Mexico's people than the stereotypes of illegal immigrants, drug traffickers and corruption. The majority of Mexicans, like the majority of Americans or Canadians, are quietly living their lives, taking care of their families and enjoying being in the country they love. See a sample of Modern Mexico ....

The Media Says:

The: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Denver Post, American Way, Los Angeles Times, CNN, Contenido (a Mexican news magazine), Mexico City News, Atencion (San Miguel de Allende) and others have profiled Mexico Mike. They called him an expert on Mexico. Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, San Antonio Express-News, Mexico Business Magazine and many others have quoted him as an expert.

He's written for several major guidebooks (Frommer's, Fodor's, Insight) to Mexico as well as the Sanborn's Travelogs (until 1998).

He was the media spokesman for the Mexican Tourism Department (Surface Tourism) from 1996-7 and was professionally media-trained by Edelman Public Relations. During his stint as a talking head, he was interviewed by dozens of TV, radio and newspaper interviews, nationwide. 

He worked for MTV as a Mexico consultant and location scout during the filming of episodes of Road Rules set in Mexico. But he recovered. He moved to Hollywood, but soon came to his senses and returned to Texas.

Joe " King" Carrasco, the king of Tex-Mex rock & roll, in his song, Mexico Mike, said " he's kind of poco loco/ but he's bueno all right." 

He's written for, or been mentioned by: Dallas Morning News, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Associated Press, Mexico Business, New Orleans Times-Picayune, London (England) Observer, The Guardian (UK), Irish Times and others.