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Trip-Planning Testimonials

All Testimonials Given With A Minumum of Arm-Twisting

I have driven every highway in Mexico. I won't send you down any roads that look straight but are as curvaceous as a playboy's dream - unless you want a challenging driving experience, in which case I will thrill you.

These unsolicited testimonials were actually sent to me by people I helped. I seriously don't ask anyone to say nice things, but do ask that they tell me how their trips went. Should these push you over the edge to hiring me, please go to my shop in the menu above.

Call Me Cupid

A man emailed me from Mexico City, asking me to save his trip and his marriage-to-be. He and his fiancée used online maps to plan their trip and they took MEX-120 from Xilitla, SLP to the MEX-57. His fiancée said she'd call off the marriage if they took another road like that. I knew that route well since MY fiancée and I drove it when we first met. We dubbed it the tope-hiding goat truck shortcut route. You can't get that from a bot. I made a route from Mexico City to Chiapas that took in many sites, but avoided roads that looked straight on the map but dangerous to relationships. Call me Cupid.

Another customer wrote about my maps in general:

Back home in the States and your maps worked great.  There was one detour that screwed me up, but the rest was pretty smooth sailing.  If I'd like to get rid of a few hands-on cell phone and texting junkies, I could send them down there and they wouldn't last long...  You must seriously pay attention.  It took 3.5 days and  I found I had the required balls to drive from Mazatlan to Tepic averaging 80 MPH.  It's a bit of a white knuckler with all the semi doble-remolques, but they move over to let you know when to pass.  

Single Woman Driving Mexico

My trip from Michigan to Barra de Navidad was successful and fun! Took me 6 1/2 fairly long days of driving. I stayed in Matehuala at Las Palmas, as you suggested, which was really great with the pets. I was planning to stay in San Juan de los Lagos the second night, but it was really crowded, so I ended up sleeping in my van at a truck stop on the toll road.

No problems on the entire trip; I felt safe at all times. The only thing that was not great was rush hour traffic in Guadalajara! I got there at 5 PM and not only was the traffic very bad, but there was a lot of sun glare and I could not read some of the road signs and ended up having to back track twice. But it was fine. I had great weather the whole time.

Thanks again for all of the maps and information! Your maps were really good. If you ever get down to Barra, let me know.

Sure, Mike, feel free to share! FYI, the total distance was 2863 miles (about 4750 km). My trip included 8 US states and 7 Mexican states.

I hope that other people will realize that it is safe to drive in this country. Your maps and directions were very clear and accurate and were a HUGE help, especially in Guad.

All the people I encountered were very friendly and helpful. The only "scary"/drug-related thing I saw was in Texas, where several State Troopers were dismantling two cars by the side of the road.

When I was at Las Palmas, there were 2 women with Wisconsin plates in the unit next to mine. By any chance did you help them as well? I was going to talk to them once I got everything settled, but didn't see them again once I had moved into my room.


These folks have been using my advice for many years.

You were great in the old Sanborn's guide!  It was like having a smart, savvy buddy along for the trip. Janie, Santa Fe, NM

Long-Time Fans

My husband and I have spent many days, weeks, and months traveling the highways and by-ways of Mexico and always with you as our guide. Would love to get my hands on your new books! Buena suerte! - L.L. Oaxaca, Oax. Mexico.

Side Trips Made The Trip

Your advice was priceless. My wife, daughters and I were skittish about driving to Yucatan, but you not only reassured us, but gave us good advice. Plus the side trips you recommended made our trip an adventure. Thanks. - Bill and Joyce and Sandy, Austin, TX.

Just The Facts Made a Difference For This Gentleman

I was just trying to get through Mexico on my move to Belize. Your recommendations of which border crossing to use and the broker to use saved me a week of waiting and a lot of frustration. - Henry, Lincoln, NE.

Boyfriend Chickened Out - Another Single Woman

When my boyfriend backed out of our driving trip to Belize, I thought about canceling. But I called you, and you were so laid-back and comforting that I trusted you. Your help in planning a route made all the difference. Even though I got lost a couple of times, and called you from Mexico, you were helpful. That was above and beyond. What service. - Belinda, Baltimore, MD.

Another Old Sanborn's Fan

Hi, Mike - Many years ago we went on an extended driving trip into Mexico using your detailed writings and recommendations.  Now we want to enter Mexico near San Antonio...I guess at Laredo???.....anyway.....and just drive to Monterrey.  Do you offer a publication for purchase that would include the information you need?  Would it include the wonderfully precise driving details of the old Sanborn guides? - Thanks for your time, Beverly