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How to Find Pet-Friendly Hotels in Mexico

Pet-friendly hotels are not as common in Mexico as in USA. Tricks to getting in.

Mexican Spanish for pets is mascotas. Don't say animales, because in some places that can mean bugs (bichos or chinches are the correct words). Hoteliers get peeved when you ask if his hotels accepts bugs or you tell him you have two well-behaved bugs.

Let me help you find hotels for you and your pets

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Since I search for pet-friendly hotels when I do a custom trip plan, I can tell you that hotels that take pets are still sometimes few and far between.

In fact, I have redirected some clients' routes so they could stay at decent hotels with their dogs and cats. If you don't want me to do the legwork or paw-work for you, click on the "Save on Hotels" link in the side menu, search for your destination and THEN click the "pet-friendly" filter. Reset it every time you change cities. 

When I traveled with my god, I mean dog Fluffy; we had to sneak into most rooms. Today more Mexican hoteliers accept dogs and cats. It's no longer "don't ask, don't tell." Pet owners can come in out of the shadows. 

When I make a trip plan for someone with pets, I note what hotels I know that takes guests with pets. Sometimes, even with the reservation company gateway from my site, desk clerks “forget.” Or a new manager came in yesterday, and she hates dogs and cats and anyone with them

You can book a pet-friendly hotel right here, on the right.

It is imperative, for the security of your pet and the hotel staff that you have a good crate or pet carrier for your dogs and cats.

If you're going to leave your friend in the room when you are out jumping waterfalls or whatever, please leave him/her in a carrier. Maids will come in even if you leave instructions not to. You could lose your pet through the open door or have a traumatized maid or dog. Plus, your pet will be happier with his own "territory."

As luck would have it, I have an affiliate link with Amazon for crates, carriers and whatever else you need. Buying here helps keep me going. Thanks.

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A little Spanish will open a world of friendship. Many Mexicans speak English. Please learn some online or in immersion course at the Spanish Institute of Puebla. Don't be an ugly American or Canadian.

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Mexican vehicle insurance is required. I've been around this block for 30+ years and this is what I buy. Also Travel Health, air evac and expat medical, homeowners.

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