Worthwhile Web Sites About Mexico

While there are hundreds of really poor sites purporting to be 'about' Mexico, most of them are just put up to sell ads. It is really frustrating to me to look for some place in Mexico and be directed to one of these crap sites. (Yes, even the great, all-knowing "Mexico" Mike does not know everything).

So, from time to time, I will add good sites that offer valuable information about Mexico in general. The criteria for being in this somewhat exclusive list is that the site offers real information, lives up to the search engine snippet that led me to it to begin with and is well-written. Specialized sites will be listed under their specialty (i.e. RV parks, hotels etc).

I don't know that there is any real big advantage to the site owners to be listed here, but I would like to think it will attract the kind of readers you are trying to reach. I think these listings will help my readers because, let's face it - one web site like mine cannot fulfill all needs and wants of real Mexico-philes.

Mexicoguru is a site written by and administered by two women, Jane Onstott and Pat Cordes. I like Mexicoguru because it is eclectic and well-written. Perusing it is likely to take you off into small tributaries of traveling in Mexico that you had not thought of before and could find nowhere else. As they say in their home page -"... we actually visit the places we write about." Recommended.

Is Mexico Safe? is a site with reasoned, logical arguments on the relative safety of Mexico. I am glad to see others take up the banner I first hoisted many years ago. If you want to seriously know the facts, visit this site and decide for yourself. If you want to believe the screaming negative opinion-makers so present in blogs, then don't visit this. The facts might confuse you.

John Todd Jr. is a delightful find. Obviously Google has changed their algorithms or I would have seen this great site before. It's one man's journey in and around Mexico, mostly Veracruz and the Gulf Coast. The author writes well, with a very peronsal style and does his research, bringing you vignettes into unexpected and unexplored corners of Mexico - in Veracruz - Yanga, Mandinga, Veracruz, Mandinga, old Tampico and many others.