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  • Drive from Laredo TX to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

    The Artist and Expat Route

    San Miguel's iconic cathedral.

    San Miguel cathedral
    La Gruta hot springs a welcome attraction. Only 20 minutes away from downtown San Miguel. Hot springs falling over rock in a cave. Delicious.
    La Gruta hot springs

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    San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato is the most popular driving destination, for tourists and expats in Colonial Mexico.

    You'll find art and culture, painters and poets abounding in the trendy restaurants, coffeshops and nightclubs. The town is historic and has preserved its history. A walk downtown can be a history and architecture education. There's something in San Miguel for everyone.

    You can drive from the Texas border to San Miguel de Allende in one long day or two easy-peasy jaunts. The roads are good, four-lane, some toll, some libre. The security on this major route through Mexico is quite good. San Miguel has been considered a safe place. All the expats living there attest to that. But, just like in the USA occasionally something happens and gets a lot of press. Don't let that deter you from driving down. Once there, you'll see that all the hype was over nothing.

    But, in your hurry to get to San Miguel, don't just fly down the road. Learn about the places you pass by, the history and crafts. With all the detail in my roadlog, you are bound to find something interesting. Enlighten yourself and your family.

    It takes 4 hours to get to Saltillo, 7 to Matehuala and 10 to Gogorrón. San Miguel is about 2½ to 3 more. The trip is entirely 4-lane or toll road.

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