Environmentally Sustainable RV Park in Mayto, Jalisco

Rancho Sol y Mar is a truly sustainable oasis in a sea of commercialism. I sincerely wish them a long and rewarding career. Calling this environmentally-conscious concern an RV / trailer park is like calling the NY Philharmonic a band. Yes, they are an RV park, but they are so much more. Besides RV parking, they have secluded tent camping, which is a nice touch. They also have a rental pop-up camper for rent. The owners seem to actually give a damn about the environment and about introducing their guests to Mexican people and their way of life. If you have read my site or writing at all, you will know that is what I am all about. So I applaud Dan and Holly for their ambitious project. Now, you can help support them by staying in their park.

They produce their own electricity via solar, raise happy goats that shower them with local cheese and build with adobe, earth-block and other local materials.

They offer trips to local villages, will teach you about sustainable living, have horse rentals and local naturalists to teach you about the area's herbs and plants. The promise an ocean View Yoga Platform and have an adobe bathhouse (a temazcal-like environment?).