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San Juan del Lago RV Resort, Cuitzeo, Michoacán

One more sign that driving tourism is increasing is the opening of a brand new RV resort and retirement village - with spa - in central Mexico. San Juan del Lago RV Park is on big Lago Cuitzeo, just north of Morelia, Michoacán. This RV park is located just off the toll road between Mexico and Guadalajara, just east of the turn off to Morelia, the capitol of the state of Michoacán. San Juan Tarameo-Benito Juarez is the closest village.

There are several thermal springs nearby like Huandacareo and Los Azufres. The town of Cuitzeo itself is a pueblo magico. Lake Cuitzeo is huge and an amazing site in itself. They are not far from the winter home of the Monarch butterfly as well.

The San Juan del Lago RV Resort has 60 spaces with EWS and each has a panoramic view of Lake Cuitzeo. It is pet friendly and a good place to experience authentic Mexico while interacting with local people in the small town nearby. Rates are reasonable and the lots are huge. As they say on their website, they didn't want to open another parking lot with RV's and trailers crammed next to each other. A little space, please. They are reforesting the area with local fruit trees, flowers and bushes. I believe it would be private enough that even tent campers could feel comfortable here.

Be sure to look at their comprehensive website and then make plans to visit yourself.

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